Temperzone can respond directly to the broad requirements of any major air conditioning project, providing the most appropriate systems required. Local industry knowledge, engineering expertise and the agility of local manufacturing, allows temperzone to provide unique solutions for a myriad of applications and product categories.

We have been involved in many hotel projects over the years thoughout Australia and New Zealand, having the capability to provide a complete product offering for small/Medium or high rise hotel projects utilising both Temperzone and Hitachi Solutions. We can also provide structured floor by floor delivery and unit ID requirements for a seamless project.

Water cooled

Cost Savings with ThermoShell® Temperzone’s state-of-the-art ThermoShell® sets new standards in
water-cooled technology. ThermoShell® technology is Temperzone’s new high performance, compact heat-exchanger for refrigerant and water systems. ThermoShell® enables considerably lower water flow rates and water pressure drops to be accommodated by the system, with minimal effect on duty and efficiency. This leads to a reduction in hydronic equipment size, reducing capital and operating costs.

A project in Melbourne, with over 200 ThermoShell units, utilised the water-flow flexibility
the ThermoShell allows to gain significant capital and installation savings:
• Delta T changed from 5.5 to 11.5 on average.
• Flow rate reduced from approximately 70 l/s to approx 33 l/s.
Original design pump sizes were 2 x 18.5kW pumps, revised design reduced them to 2 x 11kW pumps.
Original design required a main 250mm steel riser, before tapering down. Revised design reduced main
riser to 150mm copper. A remote on/off signal can be connected to the "On" and "0V" terminals (input for a voltage-free switch or relay contact). To turn the unit on the remote on/off input must be closed-circuit. The compressor minimum run-time is 90 seconds. Remote on/off is ideal for connection to key locks or motion detection in a hotel or apartment to automatically switch the unit off when not required.

Chilled Water

Temperzone low profile chilled water fan coil units with EC fan technology are perfect for bulk head mounting in Hotel rooms with the ability to be controlled via 0-10V fan speed enabled controllers. Although Temperzone have supplied equipment to hundreds of hotels over the years, a good example of our ability to provide a complete package for chilled water applications is the Plaza hotel who are enjoying the benefits of combining Temperzone’s IMDL fan coil units with Hitachi Chillers to provide a unique solution to their cooling and heating requirements. The project consists of 8 Hitachi Chillers located on the roof which are connected to 250 IMDls, one in each of the guest rooms spanning 5 floors, as well as the common areas. The low height IMDL fan coil units and the chiller’s small footprints were just one of the reasons the combination was perfect for the project. The other reason was that the Hitachi Modular Chillers couple well and run in series. Temperzone is able to offer a unique, quality solution. The IMDL fan coil units are ideal for hotel rooms and any application where space is at a premium. Their low profile means they can fit well into tight spaces.The Crown Plaza was built on top of the Myer building and will includes with its 5 levels of rooms, 231 guest rooms, conference facilities and a sky bar on the top level which will offer stunning views of the city. 

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