Temperzone designs, manufactures and distributes a full range of air conditioning systems suitable for retail outlets. There is more than one system available to choose from but some are more suitable for certain applications than others. The specific circumstances will usually determine the preferred system.

To ensure positive shopping experience modern HVAC equipment not only needs to maintain consistent temperature and humidity but also ensure improved indoor air quality. Providing a healthy work and shopping environment is essential for a thriving and successful business.

Rooftop Packaged Systems

A Packaged Air Conditioner is a reverse-cycle air-cooled unit with the condenser and evaporator in one casing which is normally located on the roof or the ground. The unit is usually connected to ducting which distributes conditioned air and returns it to the unit. There is one unit or more per thermal zone. As the unit is entirely outside the building there are fewer limitations on size and noise and consequently it can be designed to have greater capacity in any one zone than other air conditioning systems.

Many shopping centres and retail stores consist of large open spaces which are suited to packaged units. with no windows packaged units can also be used to introduce the fresh air requirements. Temperzone's Econex OPA offer unrivaled energy effiency with a very low environmental impact, these inverter compressor systems provide a precise load variation response under all conditions. Utilising R32 Refrigerant, Econex units enable a 71–79% reduction of Global Warming Potential (GWP) per kW of cooling when compared to R410a units.


Split Systems

Splits, which have an outdoor unit and at least one indoor unit, are the most common form of air conditioners in retail spaces. It is common to have several systems. Each zone has one or more outdoor units dedicated to it connected to either single or multiple indoor units. The outdoor units are usually located on the roof or the ground depending on the space available and the position of the conditioned area within the building.

Temperzone Econex Ducted Split systems are perfect for retail spaces. They provide a low GWP energy efficient solution. With the use of an inverter compressor technology the Econex Ducted Split range provides a precise load variation response and superior part load performance for closer comfort control and higher energy efficiency. Designed for the harshest conditions these R32 ducted units are designed to operate in ambient temperatures from -15°C to 52°C to ensure office spaces are comfortable, whatever the weather.


Hitachi Cassette systems are perfect for retail spaces. 4-way airflow ceiling cassettes are an economical and effective way of air conditioning open areas with high occupancy or traffic, such as shops, walkways, and restaurants.


VRF Systems

Hitachi VRF air-conditioning systems have one outdoor condenser set to multiple indoor units. It has the ability to monitor and regulate its own output and control the amount of refrigerant flowing to each indoor unit, which can be of differing capacities and configurations. The system provides efficient individualised comfort control within separate spaces throughout the building. 

Hitachi offer two types of VRF systems: 

  • Heat pump (2-pipe) system in which the indoor units must be all in the heating mode or all in the cooling mode.
  • Heat Recovery (3-pipe) system where different indoor units can operate simultaneously in the heating and/or cooling mode as required. This allows the transfer of energy within the system between units in different modes providing increased efficiency and significant running cost savings.

Hitachi Set Free Sigma VRF systems come in a wide range of capacities and multiple systems can be employed in the same building. For example, individual tenanted shops can be airconditioned with small VRF systems while a larger VRF system may be used to condition public spaces and corridors.


Hitachi SideSmart VRF outdoor unit modules are only 42cm deep, so they can fit even in narrow spaces. Thanks to its slim modular design, SideSmart offers unrivaled flexibility of installation location. Sidesmart are perfect for apartment buildings as they save your building's most valuable area, and place SideSmart in the small narrow spaces of your building. On the rooftop, balcony, or indoors; they can be installed on each floor (eg on balconies or behind a louvered wall) thanks to the powerful outdoor fan that is capable of up to 60Pa ESP).


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