Application Notices

The Temperzone engineering team has the knowledge to provide you with a solution to suit many different requirements.

Our advanced systems are designed and manufactured by local Research and Development which means you can always depend on easily accesible advice, technical support, installation, and service repair information.

With Temperzone products continually evolving to provide higher levels of efficiency, comfort, and better air treatment, you can be comforted knowing that Temperzone will be there through the entire product life cycle to provide continous product support. 

Application Considerations

There are many factors to consider before applying a particular product to various applications such as noise, power supply, airflow, water flow, static pressure, and air treatment to name a few.

There are really no shortcuts to achieving good design and functionality. The below information provides key points of consideration relating to installation and design:

Digital Scroll Compressors

Temperzone uses world-renouned Copeland compressors in a large number of its air conditioning systems. Copeland's Digital Scroll was the first compressor to deliver a capacity range from 10% to 100% without the use of inverters.

Digital compressors ensure high efficiency through a unique feature termed 'axial compliance'. This allows the fixed scroll to move incrementally in the axial direction to ensure that fixed and orbiting scrolls are always loaded together with optimal force.

The compressor is controlled variably by a 0–10 volt DC signal that can be supplied either by a BMS system, a sophisticated controller or temperzone's optional TZT-100 Controller.
How digital scroll compressors work