Temperzone Chilled Water Fan Coils make short work of long pipes

Take a large commercial space like an airport or hospital, and there’s no escaping the need for vast extended networks of air conditioner piping.

The question therefore becomes: How can climate control performance be maximised? After all, traditional refrigerant suffers a dramatic performance loss due to the pressure drop that occurs the further it travels.

The answer is chilled water, which enables minimal loss of cooling performance when pumped over extended pipe lengths.

Ranging in capacity from 4 kW to 215 kW, Temperzone’s chilled water fan coil range harnesses the power of chilled water to deliver unprecedented levels of climate control capability.

And while offering superior performance in large commercial settings, our smaller chilled water fan-cooled unit is ideal for confined spaces like hotel rooms, where limited wall or ceiling cavity sizes would normally provide serious installation challenges.

How we manage to combine superior performance and energy savings

In the complex world of chilled water technology, higher water temperature equates to higher cooling efficiency. With Temperzone’s fan coil unit having the ability to accommodate water temperatures as high as 12°C*, it’s no surprise that our chilled water systems are increasingly forming an integral part of sustainable energy strategies.

Significant energy and cost savings also stem from the unique capability to reduce fan speed as room temperature drops, meaning that the unit only works hard when you need it to. This type of scenario simply isn’t possible with AC fan-equipped units, which only tend to have limited fixed setting capabilities. Temperzone premium range of chilled water units incorporate EC fans, which are renowned for their high efficiency when compared to the traditional AC alternative. More precise control in turn equates to both greater comfort levels and energy efficiency. Air volume control by the EC fan eliminates the need for VAV controls in the ductwork.

The IXDL-Y Zoning Advantage

Temperzone’s IXDL-Y is the Premium chilled water fan coil on the market that allows you to individually zone different areas.

Incorporating multiple fans within each unit, IXDL-Y allows you to set different temperatures for different rooms within the same building simultaneously.

The IXDL-Y units' EC motors are designed each to be controlled independently via a BMS, delivering the required variable-air-volume to different parts (zones) of the building being air conditioned. This avoids the added expense of VAV terminals in the ductwork.

Controlling the EC motors via the BMS enables the client to enjoy continually optimised conditions in every zone of the building, easily managed through one central controller. The ability to precisely control the air flow and temperature also means that the system is highly energy efficient.

The low profile of the units (just 260 mm) is also important, as is the ease of using flexible ducting. The product range includes 5 models using 1 to 5 independent EC fans. A choice of coil configurations is also available, including hot and cold-water circuits and opposite handing. 

It’s just another way Temperzone is putting the power of individual control into the hands of the user.

Other IXDL-Y key benefits:

•    The ability to accommodate a wide range of water temperatures thereby enabling greatly improved chiller efficiency.
•    Ease of use.
•    Precise comfort and temperature control capability.
•    The ability to significantly reduce noise levels by limiting fan speed.
•    The ability to gradually reduce fan speed, ensuring that changes in noise levels are unnoticeable.
•    Ease of servicing due to simple design and small number of components.

Why Temperzone?

For over 65 years, Temperzone has been manufacturing Chilled Water Fan Coil Units and has been dedicated to pioneering innovative new technologies to provide the market with high-quality, high-performance, energy-saving, and total control solutions.

Our systems are designed, manufactured, and supported using home-grown expertise. You can always rely on easily accessible technical support when required.

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