Stainless Steel HVAC & Surgical Grade Air Filtration

Westland Milk Products is an international New Zealand milk exporter selling 120,000 metric tonnes of milk products annually. Their Hokitika based facility which includes product labs, a packaging plant and powder room had several key requirements that the HVAC system had to meet. The HVAC system needed to have a surgical grade air filtration system to ensure they meet food grade requirements. Also, given the location on the wild West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, there was the need to install a durable long-life system which could withstand the demanding environmental conditions.

To achieve their strict food grade manufacturing facility requirements Airtech NZ Limited, designed and installed a custom solution using Temperzone Clever MC air handling units connected to Temperzone custom OSA 954 95kW outdoor units. The Clever MC 190 AHU’s incorporated hygiene grade air filtration utilising 3 stages of filtration and special seals to ensure air quality targets were met. Two filters at the inlet and a HEPA (surgical grade) filter connected to the discharge outlet.

The overall system design featured three individual combinations consisting of a custom reverse cycle OSA 954 unit connected with a stainless-steel Clever MC air handling unit. The OSA 954 units have dual refrigeration systems and connect to a DX coil in the AHU units. They also featured the latest UC8 intelligent control technology to provide advanced internal protection, precision control of the refrigeration system and connection to the BMS system. The AHU unit has two independent circuits consisting of a 120kW steam coil and the DX coil connected to the OSA 954 to ensure the system effectively achieves dehumidification under varying conditions.

To maximise the longevity of the system, Airtech specified and installed a custom full stainless steel Temperzone Clever AHU solution. Using stainless steel for the air handling units instead of aluminum reduces the long-term corrosive effect the salt laden weather can have on an AHU unit. The OSA 954 units feature Temperzone’s marine grade finish, on the internal and external unit paneling, which consists of a high marine grade corrosion resistant undercoating and high-grade thermoset polyester powder coating which offers superior protection in harsh environments.

Also installed on the site was a full stainless steel Temperzone OPA 242 23.5kW rooftop packaged unit servicing critical hygiene facilities. Confident in the durable long-term operation of the refrigeration system, stainless steel was used to ensure the cabinet would still be untouched towards the end of its operational life. 

Temperzone Stainless Steel Clever MC AHU's and Custom OSA 954

Temperzone Stainless Steel OPA 242

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