Temperzone's Clever MT AHU range

Introducing Temperzone’s Clever MT series, high-quality air handling units. These all-aluminium units are lightweight, highly corrosion-resistant, and meticulously crafted with superior design elements to deliver exceptional performance.


Temperzone air handling units have been leading the NZ market delivering the highest quality, most customisable air handlers available. The MT standardised range of air handling units offers the same high-quality features you’ve come to expect while giving you the certainty to aid quick and easy HVAC system design and the flexibility to rely on shorter lead times and optimum savings. This range of AHU’s will be available in both Australia and NZ.

The Clever MT series reflects our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries and applications. The MT series offers pre-engineered standardised options that allow you to configure your unit to suit your requirements.

The MT series consists of eight EC Plug fan units with maximum nominal airflow ranges from 750 l/s to 15,000 l/s, each capable of a minimum 400Pa external static pressure.

Epoxy-coated cooling and heating coils are available in eleven combinations with 1 or 2-row heating coils and 4, 6 or 8-row chilled water coils.

The MT series are available as right-hand or left-hand units – orienting all water and electrical connections, drainage, gauges, and service access doors. Choose between horizontal or vertical air discharge, horizontal and/or vertical return air plenum, or return air/outside air mixing dampers (EL100 opposed blade dampers and motorised or manual actuators).

The MT Series has a range of standardised optional accessories, including a Magnahelic gauge, internal LED lighting, inspection windows, and optional filters - G4 panels, F7 bags and F9 filter cartridge options.

MT Air Handling units are very lightweight, corrosion resistant and have exceptional performing thermal barrier properties.

The Clever MT is built with an all-aluminium design with anodised aluminium profiles and base channels. Double-skinned outer and inner marine grade 5005 aluminium painted panels with injected high-density polyurethane foam insulation.

T2 / TB2 65mm tropical profile and 50mm thermal break panels offer exceptional thermal performance to prevent condensation in high humidity locations or with very low supply air temperature.

The EC Plug fans are wired to an electrical interface cabinet with an external isolator and a potentiometer that can control the internal fan speed. The electrical interface cabinet allows for Modbus serial communication protocol, all internal control terminations, and multiple controller modules for pressure, volume and temperature.

The MT series has been thoughtfully designed, focusing on easy access and installation to provide a seamless service experience featuring outward-opening doors with indoor and outdoor nylon handles with an airtight seal. The fan access door features a mesh door guard with a lockable door for safety.

All units come with a moulded UV-resistant, anti-fungal ABS drain tray designed with a sloped design to the drain connection, eliminating water pooling and allowing for efficient condensate removal.

The flexibility of the MT series ensures that customers can efficiently specify, install, maintain, and operate our products, saving time and effort throughout the product lifecycle.

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