Temperzone has started releasing its next generation R32 – inverter compressor product under the Econex brand.

R32 Refrigerant

Inverter Compressor


Just as Temperzone led the industry with the adoption of R410a in commercial air conditioning systems, we are again leading with R32.

New Econex Light Commercial Split Ducted range

The first Econex product group to be released are light commercial split ducted systems. These innovative units have nominal cooling capacities from 14.8kW to 35.1kW. All these Econex split ducted systems have inverter compressors and R32 refrigerant.

The use of R32 refrigerant, combined with a lower unit refrigerant charge, allows Temperzone to reduce the GWP (Global Warming Potential) by between 75-80%. System efficiency is also increased by utilising the improved thermodynamic properties of R32 along with advanced inverter control.

By using the full capability of inverter compressor technology, these units have been designed with an extended range of heating and cooling capacity. Cooling capacities can be boosted between 23% and 30% above nominal capacity. Heating capacities can be boosted between 16% to 25% above rated. Extended capacity range allows much more flexibility in specification.

Econex Inverter compressors have increased economy through seasonal part load savings. A 1:6 turndown ratio across the range allows these units to efficiently meet the widest range in seasonal fluctuations of load demand. Key to this part load efficiency is coil design. A revolutionary new coil design allows the refrigerant system to operate reliably across the full compressor speed range and ambient conditions.

The new coil design also supports a new intelligent de-ice function. Smarter de-icing enables a significant improvement in heating performance in colder conditions. The new coil design allows a doubling of the interval between de-ice cycles. When the need occurs, the actual de-ice process is faster and more effective.

A new removable corner access panel for electrical access makes wiring access easy and convenient. The access panel allows mains power supply and communication connections to be wired directly without internally accessing the unit.

As with other Temperzone air cooled systems, Econex R32 Inverter units have been designed for the harshest conditions to provide heating at -15C ambient and cooling at +52C ambient.

Temperzone’s intelligent unit controller enables BMS connectivity and advanced independent zone temperature control for multiple spaces.

To learn more about Temperzone’s Econex R32 Inverter Ducted Split systems click here to visit the product page and download brochures.

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