Econex R32 OPA Units Win the ARBS 2022 Product Excellence Award

The Econex R32 Inverter Air Cooled Package unit range won the Product Excellence Award at the ARBS 2022 Industry Awards in Melbourne. This award category focused on modern technologies that demonstrate innovation and winning this award is a great acknowledgement of Temperzone’s focus on innovating solutions with increased energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. 

Temperzone’s Econex Inverter R32 Air Cooled Package Units have been designed to assist organisations in their carbon reduction efforts. Utilising R32 refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 677 combined with a reduced refrigerant charge enables a 71-79% reduction in overall GWP per kW of cooling or heating when compared to R410A systems (GWP 2088). 


Increased energy efficiency and effective load matching are key design aspects of the Econex OPA Range. As standard, all unit’s feature EC plug and Condenser Fans, Dual Electronic Expansion Valves and Inverter Compressors. Temperzone’s UC8 Intelligent Control logic enables the synergistic control of these components for a significantly improved seasonal energy efficiency compared to fixed speed solutions, achieving a total cooling seasonal performance factor as high as 6.43 (OPA 250).

The Inverter Compressor control enables exceptional comfort conditions with precise load variation and an impressive frequency range of 16-100%. High response levels to current load conditions are further guaranteed using Electronic Expansion Valves and variable speed control of the indoor and outdoor fans.

Another impressive feature is its ability to provide wide heating and cooling capacity ranges. The range enables the delivery of increased capacity in periods of peak load. For example, the OPA 350 will deliver a heating capacity of 27% above rated, and a cooling capacity 30% above its nominal rating.

For cost-effective installation, the footprint of the units have been reduced by up to 22% when compared to current R410A models.

Applications are vast and can include supermarkets with humidity control requirements to offices, convenience stores, petrol stations, mining, and warehousing. 

Available from 25kW to 56kW (OPA 250, 350, 450 and 560).

To learn more about the R32 Inverter Econex Range please click here.

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