Econex Pro R32 Inverter Air-Cooled Package Systems

Designed exclusively using Temperzone’s in-house R&D expertise, Econex Pro represents cutting-edge technology that strives to change the way sustainable air conditioning solutions are delivered. 


Able to operate with or without external intervention, Econex Pro’s in-built Adaptive software reacts to its environmental surroundings and changes its operation to continuously generate desired comfort outcomes. Put simply, it understands consumers’ needs and reacts to prevailing conditions to meet them. And because it can follow patterns, Econex Pro can even choose setting options that correspond to certain weather-heat load combinations. 

Utilising R32 refrigerant, with a global warming potential (GWP) of 675*, and a reduced refrigerant charge, OPA Econex Pro units enable a 78 - 81% reduction in overall GWP per kW of cooling or heating when compared to R410A systems (GWP 2088*). 


Econex Pro systems offer superior energy efficiency. Utilising independent inverter compressor refrigeration circuits and advanced control logic enables OPA Econex Pro to continuously adjust its operation across the spectrum of space heating, cooling and dehumidification requirements while maintaining optimum efficiency.

The Econex Pro range has high seasonal energy efficiency ratios, the unit increases substantially in energy efficiency (EER) while it operates in part load when the demand for cooling and heating reduces outside peak seasons. 

Econex Pro systems achieve high Total Cooling Seasonal Performance Factors (TCSPF) across all climate zones. For example, the OPA 970, in the commercial cold zone, achieves a TCSPF of 4.53 compared to only 3.36 achieved by the previous OPA 960 non-inverter model. This results in a 27% decrease in the annual cooling energy consumption of this unit. Using the Econex Pro variable capacity technology allows significant savings in annual HVAC energy consumption.


Econex Pro features a pre-programmed advanced control logic, with intuitive self-adjusting comfort modes, that ensures the most effective and efficient operation out of the box. 

While traditional systems only provide basic heating and cooling control which does not address apparent comfort levels within the space and is ineffective in minimising energy use, Econex Pro considers indoor and outdoor humidity levels and makes its own decisions by operating across seven different modes to satisfy setpoint conditions. 

These seven modes of comfort, designed around the dewpoint levels across a psychrometric chart are tailored to target precise comfort needs by effectively removing moisture or temperature within the comfort level limit. During operation, the control methodology intuitively changes between modes to proactively manage air conditions within the space.

By setting 3 setpoints: Heating, Cooling and Humidity you unlock the different comfort modes each with its own tailored control strategy. 
1.    High Latent Cooling
2.    High Sensible Cooling 
3.    Standard Cooling 
4.    Heating 
5.    Heating & Dehumidification – special applications
6.    Dehumidification – Only with reheat coil fitted 
7.    Comfort Zone – At the setpoint 

With the addition of the reheat coil option, mould control and comfort levels are improved drastically.

Currently, three Econex Pro models are available with more in the pipeline for release. The three models offer the following cooling capacities:

•    OPA 970 – 91kW (range: 16.0kW ~ 102kW)
•    OPA 1410 – 145kW (range:  11.8kW ~ 189kW)
•    OPA 2110 – 207kW (range:  27.0kW ~ 239kW)

Talk with your Temperzone representative today about using Econex Pro for your air-cooled package unit projects.

*AR4 Standard

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