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The Temperzone stand at the recently held Facilities Integrate show in Auckland was themed “A Low Carbon Future with HVAC in Buildings”. As one of the first companies to design and produce commercial HVAC systems incorporating R32 refrigerant, this was a key message about Temperzone's transition to R32 refrigerant. R32 offers a range of benefits including higher efficiency as well as representing a 75-80% reduction in GWP global warming potential per kW of cooling when compared to the current industry convention of R410a refrigerant.

Also in line with the low carbon theme was the promotion of our hydronic systems, in particular the new MAGNUS heat pumps and CWP90 Inverter R32 water sourced systems. The Facilities Integrate show provided and excellent opportunity for Temperzone to showcase its ability to provide innovative HVAC solutions, many of which incorporate next generation R32 refigerant.

  • Econex Ducted Split R32 System
  • Closet water cooled packaged R32 System
  • MAGNUS inverter in-line heat pump
  • Clever Air Handling Unit with UV germicidal filter
  • Hitachi R32 Mini Cassette
  • Hitachi R32 Ducted System
  • Hitachi R32 Frostwash Wall Mounted units
  • Wilo Pumps
  • Live Controller Display featuring Climate Touch and Hitachi commercial controllers.
  • Temperzone and Smartair Air Distribution Products

Facilities Integrate in November 2020 was combined with BuildNZ and National Safety Show to bring together major companies that manage, secure, develop, design, influence and revolutionise New Zealand’s buildings and facilities. Commercial development is on the rise in New Zealand, with an increasing demand for greener, smarter and safer buildings. The Facilities Integrate show gave Temperzone a fantastic platform to show off its recent innovations, latest technologies and low carbon HVAC solutions to key players in the NZ market.

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