Temperzone Celebrates 65 years of Climate Innovations

In August 2021, Temperzone proudly celebrated its 65th Anniversary. We’d like to take a moment to look back at where we have been, seeing how Temperzone’s foundation as a family-oriented business has remained strong while the business has developed into a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative climate solutions.

In 1956, a young, single-minded and gifted engineer, Eric Kendall having recently returned to New Zealand after spending time working as an engineer in England, founded Temperzone as Temperature Control Ltd. Through Temperature Control Ltd he ambitiously pioneered the New Zealand production of heat transfer coils for manufacturing and industrial processing applications.


Eric Kendall and the early days of Temperzone as Temperature Control Limited.

Building on its success, in the 1960’s, Temperature Control Ltd begun an era of expansion. With a policy of employing and training the most talented people in the industry, the introduction of new technologies and innovations, plus an expanding range of products and services, the company consolidated its position as an industrial leader.

In 1973, Temperature Controls changed its name to Temperzone. New style buildings created a new demand for advanced commercial air conditioning. The company was ideally positioned to service that need, designing and building the sophisticated custom built air handling and air conditioning systems required.
In the 1980’s, Temperzone was a pioneer in the early introduction and application of CNC production machinery, the company continued to invest in the latest CNC technology. In 1985 Temperzone acquired Bradway Engineering Pty Ltd, an Australian air conditioning manufacturer based in Blacktown, Sydney. In 1988 Temperzone opened its office in Hong Kong to serve the growing demand for Temperzone products in Asia.
In the 1990’s, the introduction of sophisticated CAD/CAM technology resulted in enormous gains in productivity, reducing lead times and improving customer service. In 1994 Temperzone relocated its Asian Regional Head Office from Hong Kong to Singapore due to increasing business in Southeast Asia.
In the year 2000 Bradway Engineering Pty Ltd changed its name to Temperzone Australia Pty Ltd. Temperzone expanded its manufacturing facilities in Australia and New Zealand, investing heavily in new automated processing machinery ready for the new decade.
Impressively, Eric Kendall still managed Temperzone right up until his passing in 2008. Continuing as a family-owned business Eric’s son, Les Kendall, became the new CEO and Managing Director. Les continued to build on the established family-oriented culture, while embodying a drive to be an innovative leader in an industry focused on sustainability and ever-increasing energy efficiencies.
Today, the Temperzone Group is a major manufacturer and supplier of commercial and industrial air conditioners within the Western Pacific rim, supplying leading solutions to Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Singapore, Indonesia and Southeast Asia at large. As many HVAC equipment suppliers have relocated their manufacturing offshore, Temperzone has increased the size and capacity of its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Auckland and Hamilton.
Temperzone’s products are renowned for their durability and reliability, for many years these attributes were represented by the tag line ‘Quality Air Conditioning’. In 2019, Temperzone adopted the new tag line ‘Climate Innovations’ to reflect the company’s focus on developing leading heating and cooling solutions.
As the industry moves through an accelerated phase of ever-changing refrigerants and an increased focus on low GWP solutions to meet environmental goals, Temperzone strives to meet these challenges through the development of new products and the early adoption of low GWP refrigerants for commercial applications. In 2017, Temperzone supplied the first R32 refrigerant rooftop packaged unit to the market and continues to explore, through extensive research and development efforts, the next generation of refrigerants. Temperzone has designed a new range of application specific MAGNUS heat pump water heaters as energy efficient commercial gas boiler replacement solutions for space heating and domestic hot water.
Temperzone’s core focus continues to be the development of innovative solutions for modern building requirements. Energy efficiency and HVAC IOT connectivity are key areas in which Temperzone is developing core technologies and solutions. The introduction of innovative variable capacity technology across the Temperzone commercial product range delivers leading energy efficiencies while HVAC IOT looks to enable superior connectivity for the effective management of Temperzone HVAC equipment.

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