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The Smartemp range provides high quality, premium air diffusion solutions well suited to demanding applications or where superior performance is required. Smartemp products include solutions delivering high capacity and enhanced heating. Engineering and technical services include selection programs, technical brochures, laboratory testing and direct client advice in relation to specialised air diffusion performance, indoor air quality, diffuser layout, and associated acoustics and system design.

HSC-FD Fixed Helical Swirl Diffuser

The SMARTEMP HSC-FD has fixed horizontal discharge, with optional blanking segments for two or three-way blow patterns.

HSC-AD - Adjustable Helical Swirl Diffuser

Adjustable air pattern swirl diffuser for installation flush with ceiling or free-hanging. Adjustable via manual, electric or thermal adjustment.

HARMONY SD - Swirl Diffuser

High induction CAV & VAV swirl diffuser with fixed horizontal discharge direction, for installation flush with ceiling or free-hanging.

SSC-AD - Slotted Swirl Diffuser

High induction swirl diffuser with manually adjustable discharge direction and discharge pattern, for installation flush with ceiling or free-hanging.

ISF-AD Inclined Floor Swirl Diffuser

The ISF-AD is a high induction, low air velocity floor swirl diffuser to optimise occupant thermal comfort in “task-ambient” underfloor air distribution applications.

ASF-AD - Auditorium Floor Swirl Diffuser

Round floor swirl diffuser with rotatable inclined air pattern, for location beneath auditorium seating.

BDF-FD - Bar Displacement Diffuser

Rectangular floor displacement diffuser with bar grille.

CNW-AD Circular Nozzle

The SMARTEMP CNW-AD provides side-blow discharge with extremely long throw and exceptionally quiet operation.

CSS-FD - Auditorium Step Swirl Diffuser

Swirl diffuser to discharge supply air from vertical step face in tiered auditoria.

PMW-AD Perforated Multistream Wall Diffuser

The PMW-AD is a side-wall diffuser with a patent pending design that provides high levels of draught-free thermal comfort.

ADS-FD - Auditorium Displacement Diffuser

Displacement air supply from step front in auditoria with tiered seating.

LMW-AD - Linear Multistream Wall Diffuser

Linear slot wall diffuser with high induction alternating multi-stream discharge - vertically adjustable - for installation in the side of a wall or bulkhead.

LMC-AD Linear Multistream Ceiling Diffuser

The LMC-AD is a multistream linear slot diffuser with adjustable discharge direction, from horizontal to vertical, that is available with 1-way or 2-way discharge patterns.

RDW-FD - Rectangular Displacement Diffuser

Rectangular displacement diffuser for installation on the floor, in a wall or free-standing.

CP-AD - Cylindrical Plug-flow Diffuser

Plug-flow air supply up to 3 m discharge height in industrial applications to sweep contaminants from work areas, to enhance indoor air quality.

DDF-FD - Drum Displacement Diffuser

Cylindrically shaped displacement diffuser for placement on the floor.  Connection from above or below.