Must See Products, Software and Innovations at ARBS

The return of ARBS to Sydney is the ideal place for Temperzone to showcase some of the most innovative products and services in the company’s long history in the HVAC market. As a true local air conditioning manufacturer with facilities in both Australia and New Zealand, we are proud to be able to present a very impressive range of innovative products designed specifically for the local market.

We had to supersize our stand this year to be able to fit all this all in. Once you have had a look through it all here you will understand why you will need to make sure you have plenty of time to visit to our stand at ARBS!

Introducing the new rooftop package unit (or as we like to call it “The Supermarket Unit”). This product is the flagship of Temperzone’s new ECO Ultra range. It’s a 200 kW rooftop package unit with 4 inverter compressors and a patented humidity control system that makes this unit absolutely unique.

Covering a wide range of applications, not only is this unit build for the customers with energy at the forefront of the decision-making process but also for those applications where humidity control is critical. If you work in supermarkets or large open spaces where humidity is a critical issue this unit provides the efficiency and control to manage the space without reheat or air tempering.

The OPA 2100 ECO Ultra’s small footprint and weight makes future service requirements less cumbersome, while the well thought out electrical panels, access and simplicity has the installer, end user and service personnel in mind.

Introducing the New CWP Range of single phase units with R32 refrigerant with DC inverter compressor all on a reduced footprint. This new range of Plant Room water cooled ducted units has both high efficiency and controllability. It is an ideal product for the replacement market.

We are also expanding our Chilled Water product range to include an AHU, new IMD95 with controls package, plus the popular IMDL series.

Introducing something very new in Hot Water Heat Pumps. This is a completely new approach to Hot Water Production for a wide range of applications from high volume kitchen use to peak demand hot water to hydronics and even swimming pools. This is a unique development from Temperzone.

You will also have the opportunity to see an HWP 59, part of the cutting edge new HWP range of in ceiling water cooled package units with high efficiency ThermoShell® heat exchangers.

Introducing the New R32 OPA ECO Ultra rooftop package units. Make sure you are one of the first to see the soon to be released R32 Range of Rooftop Package units. These units have the full ECO Ultra treatment which provides optimum efficiency and controllability. This product is just part of the huge range of products we have to suit any replacement application you may have. From simple On / Off technology, increased controllability and part load efficiency, to state of the art units with exceptional controllability and efficiency, Temperzone has a product to match every replacement need.

Not only are we dedicated to providing great products to the Australian marketplace, but we are also driven to create new ways to help you. At ARBS we will also be launching 2 new exciting software products that have been designed to make it easier for you to do business. The first is our new easy to use selection program with energy calculators and ROI tools, which we have named Eco Select. And the second is the exciting new Temperzone app ‘Access’ which was designed to make access to all Temperzone’s data and services simple. The app even allows you to save data for specific sites, create personal notes and local maps linked to a maps app so you have directions straight to site. You will be able to have a look at both of these software products on our stand, so make sure you drop in and have a look.

Two essential components of modern air conditioning systems are connectivity and control. Key to this is the ability connect directly to the Temperzone unit control board. While the Modbus ports are typically used to connect to controls or a BMS there are other examples of the benefits of advanced connectivity like the Temperzone Wifi Service Utility and the Temperzone Remote Monitoring System.

The new Temperzone WiFi Service Utility (WSU) plugs directly into the Modbus ports and provides the technician with an easy to use commissioning and service diagnostic tool. The WSU can take full control of the attached unit via the WSU’s built in local Wi Fi network. The WSU does not require an app and is accessed using the internet browser on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

The Temperzone Remote Monitoring System also plugs directly into the Modbus ports. The Remote Monitoring Device communicates to a cloud based server using a 3G /4G sim card. Monitoring data can then be accessed using any web browser. Temperzone remote monitoring is designed to be left connected for an extended period of time and is ideal for monitoring of a wide range of operational parameters like efficiency and power consumption.

As you can see, we have all been busy and know you will be impressed with the innovative new products we will have on display at ARBS. Make sure you leave plenty of time to drop in for a coffee, bite to eat, and chat so we can take you through it all. See you there!

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