Issue 2-2018

Introducing the New OPA 2100 Eco ULTRA Rooftop Package Unit

The new OPA 2100 ECO Ultra rooftop package unit is the flagship of Temperzone’s new ECO Ultra range. It’s a 200 kW rooftop package unit with 4 inverter compressors plus a patented humidity control system that makes this unit absolutely unique. Eco ULTRA is a revolutionary climate control solution for spaces where temperature and humidity regulation is critical.

Eco ULTRA’s Humidity Intelligence – Adaptive software takes into account the time and building occupancy while measuring the temperature and humidity both indoor and outdoor, before making adjustments to ensure it maintains the desired comfort levels while operating efficiently. In a nutshell, it understands consumers’ needs and reacts instantly to current conditions to meet them. It also has the ability to follow patterns, which allows the Eco ULTRA to choose setting options that correspond to certain weather-heat load combinations.

MINIMISING REHEAT - While conventional systems consume large amounts of energy in order to meet de-humidification targets (often through a constant cycle of over-cooling and over-heating), the Eco ULTRA performs the task efficiently and inexpensively. The result is tightly controlled humidity, lighter latent loads and improved overall efficiency all year round and in all conditions.

COMFORT - As the system load varies, the unit adjusts automatically by changing speed as well as reducing the number of modules in use. The Eco ULTRA is based on a 100% modular design featuring four independent systems (compressors, evaporator and condenser fans) – all operating independently of one another.

While traditional on-off system stop and start as the load changes, producing less smooth control of temperature and humidity, the OPA 2100 ECO Ultra maintains comfort smoothly.

REDUNDANCY & MODULARITY While conventional air conditioning systems are typically optimised for full-load operation (thereby maximising energy consumption) Eco ULTRA’s outstanding performance at partload operation enables significant energy savings.

SEASONAL EFFICIENCY Eco ULTRA’s variable speed compressor ensures your HVAC system runs efficiently at all load levels. The result is high EER and extremely high SEER (a measurement of efficiency at variable work loads). Our leading variable speed technology ensures the unit perfectly matches the load required.

ENERGY MINIMISATION – With the reduced starting current and ultra part load efficiency, this unit is so smart that it can immediately understand everything it needs to in order to operate safely and efficiently.

An example of this is as the system load varies, variable speed compressors adjust the cooling capacity automatically by changing speed. At higher speeds more cooling capacity is provided, and at lower speeds the capacity is reduced.

ADAPTIVE CONTROLS Incorporated Adaptive technology ensures that Eco ULTRA is flexible, versatile and extremely user-friendly. One Platform – One controller. There are also multiple handling options are available to suit most applications.

Designed exclusively using Temperzone’s in-house R&D expertise, the Eco ULTRA represents a cutting-edge technology that strives to change the way sustainable air conditioning solutions are delivered.

The OPA 2100 ECO Ultra features an operational capacity of 200kW, that can operate at any capacity from 15kW, enabling it to easily react to changing building heat loads. This makes it ideal for use in a wide range of temperature and humidity-sensitive commercial spaces such as: Supermarkets, Shopping Centres, Labs, Food Processing or Manufacturing Plants, Industrial Facilities, Museums, Pubs and Clubs, Data Centres, Schools and Universities.

The Eco ULTRA is highly flexible with a range of benefits to suit a everyone from Consulting and Specifying Engineers to Contractors, Installers and Service as well as the end user.

For more information about this innovative new product, download the brochure here, visit us at ARBS where it will be on display or contact your local Temperzone Branch.