OPA ECO Series – A Flexible Solution for Multiple Spaces

Temperzone’s ECO Series of Rooftop Package Units continues to evolve as some of the most energy efficient air conditioning units in the market. With unit capacities ranging from 11.6kW to 193kW Temperzone Eco Rooftop Package Units are used in a huge range of applications from shopping centres to food manufacturing plants to pubs and clubs, schools and office buildings.

Comfort and Efficiency without Compromise
The Temperzone ECO series are based on the concept that an air conditioning system needs to be able to respond and adapt to the changing needs of the air conditioned space. Our units have the flexibility to be able to provide high levels of both comfort and energy efficiency regardless of the ambient conditions.

Precision Load Response Technology
Central to the ECO series are variable capacity compressor systems that allow supply to be closely matched to demand. More than just a variable compressor system, ECO units combine multiple variable output components, including EC Plug Supply Air Fans, EC Condenser Fans and multiple Electronic Refrigeration Valves.

Control and Integration
The Temperzone smart unit controller boards manage all of the variable components into a seamless adaptive system that allows simple unit controls through to full BMS integration.

Benefits you Probably Don’t Expect
The benefits of ECO series fully variable system come in a variety of ways. For instance, Dual EEVs allow superior humidity control across the entire operating range. Only Temperzone ECO has Dry and Super Dry modes.

One of the added value benefits of Variable Speed EC Condenser Fans is that our units can operate in a much wider ambient temperature range than our competitor’s products.

Temperzone ECO Rooftop Package units also come in a range of handing options (many ex stock). Economiser cycle, Fresh Air Damper and EC Outdoor fans are also available as additional options.


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Temperzone has started releasing its next generation R32 – Inverter compressor product under the ECONEX brand.

Just as Temperzone led the industry with the adoption of R410a in commercial air conditioning systems, we are again leading with R32.


The Warriewood Cinemas replacement project in April 2020 had some slightly unusual application issues. A little lateral thinking, a great product range and the ability to manufacture locally in the middle of a pandemic, produced a successful solution.


Temperzone’s OPA2100 ECO ULTRA has been awarded the CIBSE Highly Commended award for the Product or Innovation of the Year - Thermal Comfort category. The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Building Performance Awards recognise the people, products and projects that demonstrate engineering excellence in the built environment. The awards are open to organisations, both in the UK and internationally


The best way to describe this unusual project is 'Super flexible and controllable'. Temperzone OPA-ECO units meet very clever Modbus programming and solves an almost impossible air conditioning problem. And, oh yes, fit the budget too!

Introducing the New OPA 2100 ECO Ultra Rooftop Package Unit

The new OPA 2100 ECO Ultra rooftop package unit is the flagship of Temperzone’s new ECO Ultra range. It’s a 200 kW rooftop package unit with 4 inverter compressors plus a patented humidity control system that makes this unit absolutely unique. Eco ULTRA is a revolutionary climate control solution for spaces where temperature and humidity regulation is critical.

Accolade Winery

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