The New HITACHI Set Free Σ Series VRF

The new 24HP base unit.

We will be launching a completely new range of Hiatchi VRF at ARBS. The Σ Series is the next generation of VRF with improved base units, smaller footprint, multiport change over boxes, improved piping options and a new central controller. Watch the video and check out the main features below. 

  • Two ranges space saving and extra high efficiency
  • Compact outdoor units
  • Heat pump and heat recovery
  • Wide range of FCU’s
  • Refrigerant charging indication
  • Condenser rotation function
  • Up to 80pa condenser static
  • Reduced module sizes
  • Single module up to 24HP, highest capacity in class
  • Line up to 96HP
  • Multi port branch boxes to 16 port without drain requirement



The new 16 port change over box

New EX central controller

The new EX Central Controller

  • Max 256 Indoor units
  • Can control 2048 Groups
  • 12.1” touch screen
  • Kwh calculations
  • SD or USB card for data output
  • Web browser monitoring and control


Download Heat Pump Brochure Here


Download Heat Recovery Brochure Here


Vanuatu VRF

Replacing a 15 year old chilled water system with VRF, in a working 4-star hotel is always going to be a challenging project. When the hotel is located in the relative isolation of the Vanuatu, you definitely need an equipment supplier that understands the territory.

North Kellyville Public School

North Kellyville Public School opened its doors to students for the first time earlier this year, with Hitachi VRF ensuring the students were nice and cool during the long hot summer.