SideSmart™ VRF is the world’s first slim modular VRF unit. With measurements starting from as small as 1650×1050×420mm, SideSmart is the ideal choice for projects of all sizes, especially those with limited space.

SideSmart modularity means that up to 4 outdoor units can be connected, offering a maximum combined cooling capacity of 152 kW. Thanks to its slim, modular concept, larger capacity air conditioning can be achieved almost anywhere, making Hitachi SideSmart one of the most versatile VRF units on the market.

Being both smaller and lighter, SideSmart is easier to deliver and install. SideSmart VRF is available as either a standard or premium range. Both offer modular capacity from 22kW up to 152kW. The high efficiency Premium range has an Average EER of 4.32.

The fans on the SideSmart outdoor units are capable of operating against external static of up to 60Pa, meaning that the outdoor unit can be used as either free blowing units or behind louvres as well as in utility rooms with ducting. This helps reduce the length of piping between indoor and outdoor units, increasing efficiency as well as freeing the rooftop of air conditioning equipment.

SideSmart is not just about reducing the equipment footprint. It also has innovations like SmoothDrive, our exclusive scroll compressor technology, that helps each indoor unit to operate at optimal efficiency especially at partial loads and minimises energy wasteage. Another advantage of SideSmart is its ability to reduce the overall refrigerant volume required.

Of course SideSmart is compatible with our AirCloud Pro cloud based control system that helps manage comfort and control for the whole building or a single zone through a simple cloud interface.

SideSmart VRF will be available soon in Australia and New Zealand.

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