Inverter In-line Underfloor Heat Pump Water Heaters

Temperzone’s new Underfloor heat pump water heater range is available in heating capacities of 16.1, 20.4 and 37.5 kW’s and has been designed specifically for underfloor heating application to offer leading efficiency and cost effectiveness. 

Temperzone Underfloor Inverter In-line systems remove the requirement for a water storage tank, significantly increasing the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the overall system. They combine variable capacity BLDC pump and inverter compressor technologies to efficiently maintain a constant supply water temperature under the widest possible range of ambient conditions. They are particularly well suited where Temperature zoning is required.

Inverter Inline Design

Temperzone In-line systems take full advantage of inverter compressor technology which increase in efficiency at part load operation. MAGNUS Inverter heat pumps supply heated water at a constant required temperature while variable speed BLDC pumps control delivered capacity. This in-line design means there is no requirement for a water storage tank. The inverter compressor, as the load is met, significantly reduces energy consumption by turning itself down to operate at part load while still maintaining the heating requirements of the application. 

Inefficient Conventional Systems

Traditionally situated between the heat pump and underfloor network is a water storage tank or secondary heat exchanger which must be heated so water can be supplied to the underfloor tubing. A conventional underfloor heat pump water heater typically operates at high-speed turning itself on and off as this water storage tank requires heating. Because returning cooled water mixes with the heated water the tank must be heated to a higher temperature than the underfloor requires. This continual mixing and the need for a higher water tank temperature makes the system inefficient as the heat pump must operate for longer and at a higher power input than ideally required.

Lower Capital Investment

MAGNUS In-line underfloor systems directly provide the capacity required for the application eliminating the need for water storage tanks. This approach reduces installed system capital costs, and significantly increases system efficiency, especially under part-load conditions, resulting in one of the most cost-effective water heating systems on the market.

Designed to Operate Reliably, Longer

MAGNUS In-line systems are low maintenance, with low service requirements. Its ThermoShell® heat exchanger, unlike traditional heat exchangers, are fouling resistant. Also, the advanced unit controller combined with application specific design uniquely enables the compressor to constantly operate within its design limits improving unit life.

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