Econex OPA enables McDonalds to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint.

McDonald’s Ti Rakau Drive and Manurewa restaurants were some of the first to take advantage of the energy savings and lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) that Econex OPA has to offer.

Each restaurant required the replacement of existing HVAC equipment which consisted of two 50kW DX Air Handling systems using refrigerant R407C, these systems had been operating from between 16 to 20 years.

Kevin, the system designer from HVAC Design and Build, wanted to standardise the installation with Temperzone units with a view to future proof the HVAC solution.

After the specifications were shared with Temperzone, a discussion followed about a new product which was in the final stages of design and well suited to the requirements of this project, the 55.6kW Econex OPA 560 R32 Inverter rooftop packaged unit. 

Econex OPA was the perfect solution for future proofing these restaurants. As entirely variable capacity systems with inverter compressors, EC plug and condenser fans, and dual electronic expansion valves, OPA Econex would enable a significant reduction in energy consumption when operating at part load outside of the peak seasons.

Assisting McDonalds in their ongoing efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, Econex OPA units utilise R32 refrigerant which would result in a significant reduction in refrigerant related GWP from 1774 (R407C) to 675 (R32). Also, with increasing costs due to levies and the ongoing phase out of higher GWP refrigerants, utilising lower GWP refrigerants is an increasingly important factor in achieving lower total lifetime cost of ownership of HVAC equipment.

Initially considered for this project were two OPA 550 R410A units on each site. The opportunity to utilise two OPA 560 R32 models enabled a total reduction in refrigerant related GWP, across both sites, from 160 CO2 equivalent tonnes down to 46 CO2 equivalent tonnes.

The design was finalised using Econex OPA units across both restaurants and installed in June and July 2021.

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