Recent Changes in the Sydney Office

Ahead of the upcoming launch of a raft of new Hitachi products, Temperzone Australia have appointed Damien Walsh and Jim Ayre to key Hitachi positions at Temperzone. Former NSW Sales Branch Manager Damien Walsh has taken on the position of Hitachi Brand Manager, Jim Ayre takes on the responsibility of Hitachi Product Manager and Ron Deo will move into the NSW Branch Managers seat.

Damien Walsh – NEW Hitachi Brand Manager

After 8 years as the NSW Branch Manager for Temperzone and Hitachi products, Damien has big plans for his new position which include the development of new products that suit the Australian market and strengthening the Hitachi brand profile through our market channels and to the consumers. Importantly, Damien plans to create clear marketing strategies that will enable our Hitachi partners to grow with us.

Damien Walsh commented, “Temperzone, in conjunction with JCH, have big plans for the Hitachi Brand in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. These two appointments are the first step in a much-expanded Hitachi marketing effort. Watch this space in 2018!”

Key aspects of the Brand management role will be to provide detailed market analysis and strategy development for the Hitachi Air Conditioning Brand in the following areas:

  • Product
  • Brand Strategy
  • Sales channel definition and development
  • Dealer development strategy
  • Marketing and advertising development and implementation


Jim Ayre – NEW Hitachi Product Manager

Jim has extensive experience in commercial and residential air conditioning markets as well as product planning and sales management. He has plenty of experience to drive this position considering his background as National Product Manager and Sales Planning Manager.

Jim will be working closely with Hitachi Research & Development team to ensure development aligns with our customers’ expectations into the future. He will then be in a strong position to manage the product every step of the way from evaluation, to design, verification and validation, to pre-launch preparation and finally the launch phase.

Jim’s role includes providing technical/application support for the Hitachi product range. And finally, he will also be assisting in developing product training including training sessions for installers and contractors as well as consultant seminars.



Ron Deo - New NSW Branch Manager

Ron has been developing business for Temperzone in the commercial arena for over 10 years. In his previous role as Business Development Manager Ron was responsible for managing both corporate and commercial customers as well as consulting engineers. Ron brings twenty years of HVAC industry experience into the NSW Branch Management role. Ron will be responsible for the entire NSW sales teams and development. Ron’s extensive experience places him in a very strong position to be able to drive both Temperzone and Hitachi growth while still maintaining a strong customer service focused team.

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