Hitachi Products Recommended by Choice and Consumer

Hitachi High Wall Splits are now receiving international recommendations in both Australia’s Choice magazine and New Zealand’s Consumer Magazine. Of the hundreds of units tested, in both countries, the 7 kW unit was in the Top 5 recommended products over 6 kW while in New Zealand the 5 kW unit was also on the list.

Both Choice in Australia and Consumer New Zealand are independent, non-profit organisations. Established in 1959, they are dedicated to getting consumers a fairer deal by testing products and services, and then providing unbiased reviews with their top recommendations. Both these publications are consumer driven and have built their reputations on the strength of their rigorous and scientific testing of goods and services. Its what they are famous for and why consumers on both sides of the ditch trust them.

The Choice and Consumer recommends Endorsement

The endorsement programme was launched to recognise excellence and to provide consumers with ‘at a glance’ information on products and services that have been awarded Choice and Consumer Recommends status. This endorsement resonates very well with consumers, impacts their purchasing decisions and is a testament to the quality of the products.

Choice and Consumer Recommends status is awarded to the very best products tested. Products must meet specific criteria based on the results of rigorous comparative tests and analysis.

Air Conditioners in Australia

Of the 150 air conditioners compared the Hitachi RAS/RAC 70YHA4 was ranked 5th in the over 6kW category. For this test, Choice compared products on;

  • Brand reliability – the brands that rate well in our member surveys.
  • Running costs – the better the cooling and heating efficiency score, the lower the running cost.
  • Noise – for the indoor and outdoor units
  • Airflow – it's good to have a useful range of fan speeds, from quiet breeze to powerful blast.

Heat Pumps in New Zealand

A total of 219 Heat Pumps from 11 different brands have been reviewed by Consumer NZ. Consumer NZ reviews were based on analysis of technical data and the each of following criteria were rated to find the best products:

  • Heating efficiency
  • Cooling efficiency
  • Low-temp performance
  • Indoor noise
  • Outdoor noise

Of the 219 Heat Pumps only 22 units were ‘Consumer Recommends’ best products. Of these best 22 products this included the Hitachi RAS/RAC 50YHA4 and the RAS/RAC 70YHA4.

It is quite an achievement for the 2 Hitachi products to be included in this important list of Choice and Consumer recommends. It is a testament to the fact that the Hitachi brand offers quality and reliability at a competitive price.

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