E Series

Hitachi’s new “E” Series R32 Inverter Ducted and Cassette systems are lightweight and compact making them the perfect option for tight and challenging spaces such as apartments, homes and light commercial spaces. “E” Series Ducted and Cassette offer lots of benefits to both you and your customers.


Incorporating the power of DC technology, Hitachi’s ducted range offers stepless inverter control and the ability to achieve superior operating efficiency. Ranging in capacity from 5kW to 7kW*, we deliver the level of comfort, convenience, and reliability that you’ve come to expect from Hitachi. Medium static ducted indoor units (150 pa) give you the flexibility to use longer duct runs where required.

Compact Indoor Unit Design

Offering great flexibility when negotiating constrained or limited ceiling cavities, it offers a simple yet highly effective air conditioning solution. 

R32 Refrigerant

The new “E” series 5kW to 7kW ducted and cassette range from Hitachi uses R32 refrigerant*.

Condensate Pump

“E” Series Ducted and Cassette indoor units come with factory fitted condensate pumps, saving you both installation time and money.

Smaller Quieter Outdoor Unit

Hitachi have recently developed downsized outdoor units that have lead to a substantial reduction in the footprint of the new range. Thanks to a unique condenser fan design, outdoor noise levels are also extremely low, making them an ideal choice for use in highly built-up areas. They also feature a unique heat exchanger fan design that increases the unit’s heating capacity in cold conditions. This will make installation easier and improve access for maintenance. And you still get all this at an economical price.

The new Hitachi ducted rage offers customers a choice of WiFi Control Ap or Hi-Kumo. The convenient and intuitive Hi-Kumo remote interface that allows customers to control their ducted system from anywhere using a smart phone app.

The new “E” series ducted and cassette air conditioning units from Hitachi, combines innovative global products with local Temperzone knowledge and support, to ensure that together we can provide solutions for your customers.

For more information about the Hitachi ducted split air conditioning range or any of our products, contact your local Temperzone Branch or download the brochure here.

*The Hitachi ducted and cassette range from 10kW to 16 kW  uses R410A refrigerant.

*please note Hitachi air conditioning products are only available from Temperzone in Australia and New Zealand.

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