Leading the Way in R32 Commercial Products

There is a significant shift taking place in the Air Conditioning market and local manufacturer, Temperzone, is leading the way. In commercial air conditioning, Temperzone has led the innovation towards more environmentally friendly refrigerants, firstly from R22 to R410A, and now from R410A to R32. The shift to R32 provides lower Global Warming Potential and higher efficiency.

Switching refrigerants is no small undertaking and requires comprehensive in-house Research and Development, advanced testing capabilities, and specialised R32 holding and charging facilities. Temperzone’s motto, “Climate Innovations”, is the driving force behind the adaption of low GWP R32 refrigerant and the development of best-in-class solutions.

Temperzone currently offers the most comprehensive range of R32 commercial product available in Australia and New Zealand. Not only this, but they are also the only company to manufacture all their commercial products locally with manufacturing plants in Auckland and Sydney.

Temperzone is determined to become Australasia's first producer of a complete range of R32 commercial products”. A goal well on the way to being achieved since the launch of locally manufactured R32 products in Australia and New Zealand.

Temperzone have already released R32 Commercial Products such as;

  • R32 Econex Inverter light commercial split ducted range from 14.8kW to 35.1kW
  • R32 Econex Inverter vertical water-cooled package 9kW system
  • 200kW air cooled package unit, the OPA2100 (AIRAH product of the year 2020) R32 option with various projects completed.

Due for release late 2021 is the new Econex R32 air cooled inverter rooftop package range, up to 55kW. 

Over the past 12 months, a range of special R32 products have been produced, and are available, for  commercial projects in Australia and New Zealand. These include R32 versions of various inverter air-cooled package units and inverter hot water heat pumps.

Why the change to R32?

Temperzone is dedicated to innovating solutions to reduce the environmental impact of air conditioning. Global warming and the move towards energy efficient solutions drive the ongoing search for more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, safe refrigerant gases. R32 refrigerant delivers the dual benefit of reduced Global Warming Potential and increased efficiency.

Global Warming Potential (GWP) is a measurement used to compare the global warming impacts of different gases. GWP is represented as the ratio comparing how much energy the emissions of 1 ton of a particular gas will absorb compared to 1 ton of carbon dioxide (CO2). The larger the number, the higher the global warming potential compared to CO2.

While R32 is not new to the market, its availability has been limited to smaller capacity systems mainly used for residential applications. R32 has a GWP (675) which is less than a third of the currently used refrigerant R410A (GWP of 2,088). This reduction in GWP is the key reason Temperzone is innovating towards R32.

Another advantage of R32, when designed into an air conditioning system, is it improves efficiency by around 12%. R32 offers a lower GWP solution while also helping businesses to reduce overall energy usage.

Other Benefits of R32

  1. Zero ozone depleting potential (ODP)
  2. Offers higher efficiency and longer pipe runs
  3. Is F-Gas phasedown compliant
  4. Requires less refrigerant volume per kW
  5. Is readily available
  6. Is a single component refrigerant, i.e. easier to reuse and to recycle.

Temperzone’s offering of R32 across all commercial refrigerant systems will provide a 75 - 80% reduction in GWP per kW of cooling or heating and assist in pathing the way for a zero-carbon future. As these changes in technologies occur within the air conditioning industry, Temperzone’s design approach is to ensure the continued reliability, ease of application and serviceability of our systems.

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