Application Notices


Todays projects can be complex as well a providing service accross multiple sites and dealing with systems of multiple ages.
Utilising our local team engineering know how we are able to provide the best solution for your applications.

Our advanced systems are all designed, manufactured and supported using home-grown Research & Development expertise, you can always depend on the convenience of easily accessible back-up, advice and technical support. We provide easy access to information around installation and service repair applications. 

With Temperzone products continually evolving to provide higher levels of efficiency, control and protection we want our customers to have the comfort of knowledge that Temperzone will be there right along-side them for the entire product life cycle.

Application Considerations


There are many things to consider before applying a particular product to various applications such as noise, power supply, airflow, water flow and static pressure to name a few.

There are really no shortcuts to achieving good design and functionality. The below information provides key points of consideration relating to installation and design:

Ducted systems

Water sourced package units

Digital Scroll Compressors


Temperzone uses world-renouned Copeland compressors in a large number of its air conditioning systems. Copeland's Digital Scroll was the first compressor to deliver a capacity range from 10% to 100% without the use of inverters.

Digital compressors ensure high efficiency through a unique feature termed 'axial compliance'. This allows the fixed scroll to move incrementally in the axial direction to ensure that fixed and orbiting scrolls are always loaded together with optimal force.

The compressor is controlled variably by a 0–10 volt DC signal that can be supplied either by a BMS system, a sophisticated controller or temperzone's optional TZT-100 Controller.

Standard twin compressor systems have two independent refrigeration circuits to provide the flexibility and economy of two stage operation, i.e. utilising one or two circuits as conditions an advantage of enhanced variable capacity which provides
closer control of room temperature.
How digital scroll compressors work

Application Notices



  • R22 compressor warranty (Superseded R22 models) Download PDF
  • Electrical grommets (IMDL and various models) Download PDF
  • Connecting alternative thermostats (OPA116-201 UC7) (ISD/OSA 116-224 UC8) Download PDF
  • Ducted systems noise isolation recommendations (ISD/IMD/HWP) Download PDF
  • Outdoor unit clearance (OSA-RKH) Download PDF
2010    2008   
  • Advanced scroll temperature protection (larger OSA/OPA units) Download PDF
  • Use of scroll compressors for pumpdown (Various) Download PDF
  • Carry-Over and Free Water Inside Indoor Units (Various) Download PDF

  • SAT-1 Temperature controller intermittently stopping compressor (Various) Download PDF
  • Reverse cycle units used in cooling only applications (Various) Download PDF
  • Operation of units outside design conditions (Various) Download PDF
  • MEPS performance statement (Various) Download PDF
  • WAGO terminal blocks (Various) Download PDF
  • Outdoor unit controller (OUC) support information (Various) Download PDF
  • Handling of electronic circuit boards (Supersedes issue 10/90) Download PDF
  • Polyolester oils in units (Various) Download PDF

  • Outdoor unit controller (OUC) introduction and booklet (Various) Download PDF
  • Capacitor failures (Various) Download PDF
  • Approved installer requirements (Updated for R410A – supersedes issue 02/96) (Split systems) Download PDF
  • Belt tensioning (SPA/XPA belts) (ISD, OPA, IJD, CC and PA units) Download PDF
  • Reverse cycle heating in low ambients (OSA/ISD, OPA and PA Units) Download PDF
  • Fresh Air Tempering Applications (OSA/ISD, OPA and PA Units) Download PDF
  • Variable Pitch Pulleys (revised February 03) (ISD, OPA, IJD, CC and PA Units) Download PDF
  • HAN-L5 Controller (OSA/ISD220-390 units) Download PDF
  • Superheat Measurement (General) Download PDF
  • Electronic De-Ice Controller Release 7 (OSA and OPA) Download PDF
  • Field Diagnosis of Operation and Faults Download PDF
  • High Sensible Heat Applications (Supersedes issue 02/85) (ISD/OSA and OPA) Download PDF
  • Problems Associated with Standard Air Conditioners to High Percentage Fresh Air Systems (OSA/ISD and OPA) Download PDF
  • HanWest Troubleshooting (OSA/ISD and OPA) Download PDF
  • Electronic De-Ice Controller Release 6 (OSA and OPA) Download PDF
  • Timers, Contactors and Relays (OSA and OPA) Download PDF
  • HanWest Controller Wiring (Supersedes issue 01/00) (OSA and OPA) Download PDF
  • Electronic De-Ice Controller Releases 1 to 4 (OSA and OPA) Download PDF