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Temperzone Air Distribution


Temperzone combined with Smartemp offers the full range of air distribution products allowing the flexibility to formulate customised solutions to meet all of your air distribution requirements. With a strong focus on efficiency and design temperzone’s comprehensive product offering provides solutions that achieve exactly what you want while assisting to create the aesthetic you desire.

SH Series Ceiling Diffusers

SH Series square and rectangular ceiling diffusers 

EGC-5 Series Egg Crate Grille

EGC-5 Series egg crate grilles have a squared aluminium lattice return/exhaust air grille, suitable for wall or ceiling mounting

5180 Eyelash Multi-Directional Outlet

Curved deflection vanes are individually adjustable and with a variety of air patterns allows air to be directed as needed.

RPD Ceiling Diffuser

The RPD round plastic diffusers round shape permits a 360 even air distribution pattern

1500 Linear Bar Grille

Fixed deflection linear bar supply or return air grilles can be mounted in a wide range of fashions including ceiling, sidewall, sill or floor mounting

5600 Non-Vision Door Grille

Designed for use in doors, walls, partitions or other applications where constant air passage with non-vision is desired.

580 Single Deflection Grille

Adjustable single deflection supply air grilles for sidewall mounting where their high capacity enables them to provide air distribution across large open rooms.

S580 Series Fixed Blade Grille

S580 is a wall or ceiling mounted return/exhaust air grille with 35° fixed deflection vanes, spaced to match supply air grilles. 

5880 Series Double Deflection Grille

The fully adjustable deflection vanes provide maximum air pattern flexibility in two planes – vertical and horizontal

56880 Double Deflection Grille

56880 series fully adjustable deflection vanes are wider than the 5880 series and provide maximum air pattern flexibility in two planes – vertical and horizontal.

XAL Horizontal Outside Louvres

Fixed outside louvre utilizing horizontal overlapping blades to minimize water ingress

XAL-4VF Vertical Outside Louvre

Fixed outside louvre with vertical overlapping blades and double weather stops.

Penthouse Louvres

Penthouse louvres are an attractive and effective solution to finish roof penetrations.

TRD Air Regulating Damper

Opposed blade airflow regulating damper for the control of volume and/or pressure within air conditioning and ventilation ducted systems and air handler units.

Flexible Ducting and Accessories

Certified to AS 4254 the Australian Standard for ductwork of air-handling systems in buildings

Opposed Blade Damper

Controls air volume for balancing and fine adjustment.