Wall mounted split systems

Wall mounted split systems

Australia | Wall Mounted Split Systems

Creating truly comfortable living spaces

Hitachi Inverter wall mounted split systems have been designed to offer the best possible efficient and effective comfort at the touch of a button, even under extreme outside temperatures.

The latest range of R32 wall mounted systems demonstrate Hitachi’s technological leadership, with innovative FrostWash self cleaning technology, power consumption tracking and Eco motion sensor.

These highly efficient systems are rounded off with simple to use controls, all wrapped up in compact units.
Ranging from 2.5kW to 8.0kW, there’s a Hitachi wall mounted system to meet the needs of any space - residential or commercial.

P Series Wall Mount Split System

  • ISee activity camera technology 
    • Room Layout search
    • Image sensing 
    • Smart swing 
    • iSense 
  • Auto filter Clean
  • Frostwash - Self cleaning indoor unit
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • Auto filter Clean

S-Series Auto FrostWash™

  • Frost Wash
  • DC Inverter
  • Power tracking display
  • Nano Titanium Wasabi filter
  • Nano Titanium pre filter
  • 4 Way directional auto swing airflow
  • Air purifying filter
  • Leave home function

E-Series Manual FrostWash™

  • Directional auto swing louvers
  • Air purfying filter
  • Auto restart after power failure
  • 4 Way directional auto swing airflow
  • 12hr on/off timer
  • Eco mode functions
  • Sleep mode

E-Series (Cooling Only) Manual FrostWash™

  • Active dehumidification 
  • Manual FrostWash Mode
  • Directional Auto-Swing Louvres
  • Air Purifying Filter
  • Wifi Connectivity

Floor-Mounted Split Systems

  • Compact design
  • Active Module (PAM)
  • Twin Inverter rotary compressor
  • 5 yr warranty