Case Studies

Case Studies

Clever Heat Exchanger Design, Delivers Significant Savings!

Fawkner Residences

Temperzone HWP Horizontal Water Cooled Package Units

Apartment Development at 499 St Kilda Rd Melbourne

Temperzone's High Energy Efficiency and exceptional controllability are our use of Advanced Variable Technologies.

Temperzone have been market leaders in the Water Cooled Package Unit market for more than 40 years. The recent redevelopment of the HWP range of in-ceiling water cooled package units with high efficiency ThermoShell heat exchangers has produced a range of products with high performance, matched with benefits of significantly lower water flow.

Fawkner Residences is an upmarket residential development at 499 St Kilda Rd Melbourne. It's a great example of how the clever design of the HWP heat exchangers produced a significant reduction in total system installation costs.

For the Fawkner Residences project, the consultants chose to use Temperzone Water-Cooled Package Units for each apartment. The initial design was specified using a competitor product.

Temperzone offered the HWP with ThermoShell heat exchangers, as an alternative. The much lower water flow required by the new HWP ThermoShell units had a dramatic impact on the system design and installation cost.

Lower water flow rates enabled the design of the main water riser to change from steel, to copper. This negated the need for expensive offsite pre-fabrication, special lifting apparatus and higher labour costs.

In addition to the reduction of water pipe diameter, the reduced water flow required allowed the use of much smaller pumps and associated wiring and drivers.

Temperzone’s start-of-the-art HWP with ThermoShell units are used extensively in Australia, New Zealand and throughout SE Asia - particularly in large residential or hotel complexes.

The major benefits of our HWP Thermoshell range include:


  • Flexible handing configurations
  • Galvanised Steel construction
  • Filter box with inbuilt filter slides*
  • AS1530.3 compliant Insulation
  • Internal condensate pump*


  • Thermo Shell technology
  • High Efficiency Motors*
  • Epoxy coated Evaporator Coils
  • Advanced Rifle bore Copper Tubes
  • 13mm foil face insulation polyurethane
  • High efficiency compressors


  • Intuitive UC Control*
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • BMS Connectivity with Modbus/BACnet
  • 3rd Party Control Integration with 12VAC or 24VDC control
  • Dry Contact Fault Output
  • 0-10V EC Fan Motor speed*
  • Electronic Regulating Valve Signal
  • Pump call and pump flow verifications


  • Ease of wiring
  • Vertical handling on CWP
  • Adjustable Indoor Airflow control
  • Rigid structural construction
  • Simplistic maintenance with Access Panels
  • Drain tray compliant to AS3666
  • Removal drain pan*
  • Rectangular spigot

* Please contact Temperzone for more information on these items as there is some variation between products in the range.

For more information on Temperzone HWP Thermoshell® download the brochure:
Temperzone Water Cooled Package UnitsTemperzone Water Cooled Package Units


Luxury Perth Development Chooses Temperzone

In common with other luxury apartment developments in Australia, NZ, and SE Asia, like the Faulkner Building and Eastbourne Apartments in Melbourne and Kota Kasablanka in Jakarta, the "Towers" development in Perth CBD has chosen to use Temperzone HWP Water Cooled package units throughout.


The first of our next generation range of R32 Inverter water cooled plant room or cupboard package units (CWP) will be available for installation in March / June 2020. The 10kW unit is designed to replace multiple R22 and R410A units.

Eastbourne Apartments - East Melbourne, VIC

Temperzone has just received the order for over 400 HWP Thermoshell® water cooled package units to be installed at the Mirvac “Eastbourne” apartment complex in Melbourne.

Kota Kasablanka 3

The Temperzone Singapore office has recently played a key role on the latest phase of the Kota Kasablanka development in Jakarta, Indonesia. Kota Kasablanka is an 11.5 hectares mixed-development, which consists of an office tower, serviced office suites, shopping centre, convention hall and condominium towers.