Issue 4-2017

Sean Hart Wins Male Rising Star Award

Sean Hart from Temperzone's Brisbane Branch has won the 2017 CCN HVAC&R Leadership Award for Male Rising Star Award.

Sean was hired two years ago, as a Senior Product Technician, to develop and launch Temperzone's Customer Care Program in Brisbane. Customer Care is a hands on, face to face technical support program for all Temperzone and Hitachi products. With Sean at the helm the program has been a huge success in the Brisbane Metro area.

An additional program, called Assisted Startup, was added to Customer Care about 12 months ago and Sean with his apprentice William, now provide assisted commissioning to around 400kW of equipment per week.

In the submission for the Rising Star Award, Sean's boss, Temperzone Queensland Manager, Shane McBride, made the following comments. Shane's comments pretty much say it all.

Whether dealing with business owners or service technicians repairing equipment on-site, Sean consistently demonstrates a vital ability to communicate with customers on all levels.

He possesses a sense of empathy that informs his high-level approach to customer technical support. This approach comes to the fore in every situation – from simple hands-on, face-to-face interactions to assisting a customer with a technical problem with a newly-purchased Temperzone product or one that’s 20-years-old.

Sean is also constantly keeping up with the latest technologies and changes within the HVAC industry - a diligence that gives him the ability to fault find, diagnose and support not only mechanical issues, but also electrical, controls, and complex HLI and BMS-related problems.

Sean’s responsibility is to ensure that every Temperzone customer in SE Queensland is satisfied with product performance. This very difficult role involves making sure that our units are always easy for a customer to install, wire, commission and control.

With many construction projects being time-critical, Sean’s ability to react and solve serious issues quickly has also proven to be an invaluable asset. He provides emergency call response and frontline support at all hours of the day (including weekends), and is no stranger to remedying machine failures under difficult and stressful circumstances.

Sean Hart (second from left)with the other CCN HVAC&R Leadership Award Winners.

Importantly, Sean demonstrates an uncanny ability to think outside the box when it comes to getting machines back on-line. He famously used a cold can of Coke in order to fool the resistance reading on a failed sensor, ensuring a machine stayed cooling while the faulty part was replaced.

Sean regards the HVAC & R industry as a way of life. He views it is a constantly evolving field whose emerging technologies serve as an inspiration for personally developing new diagnostic tools and procedures.

Temperzone is extremely proud that you have been recognised for your dedication, capability, knowledge and customer focus.

The HVAC&R Leadership Awards are and annual production of CCN Live

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