Darwin Delegates Wowed by the Power of Infinite Controllability

Temperzone has re-affirmed its strong commitment to the Darwin market during a highly successful two-day trade and service training initiative.

Held on June 6 and 7 at the city’s Tracy Village Social and Sports Club, the event was attended by local consulting engineers, technicians, project managers, estimators, and Northern Territory Government representatives. Temperzone’s third visit to Australia’s northern capital so far this year, the gathering provided an invaluable opportunity to create awareness around a range of Temperzone and Hitachi innovations.

“We hadn’t done a lot of face-to-face events up in Darwin so this was a great chance to really give our customers an opportunity to talk with us, learn from us, and gain some first-hand experience of some innovative Temperzone products that are ideally suited to the demanding Northern Territory climate,” says Temperzone South Australia Branch Manager and event organiser Ryan Wijayasekera.

Designed to demonstrate product quality and capability, the event showcased a selection of functioning Temperzone packaged units including a OPA296RKTFH (29kW, DC inverter, single compressor packaged unit with electronic expansion valves and an EC / plug fan fitted as standard) and a OPA186RKTGH (18.6kW digital compressor packaged unit, specially fitted with twin EEVs set up for ‘dry’ operation).


“Attendees were particularly impressed with the infinite controllability of both units utilising external controls,” explains Wijayasekera. “The ability to manipulate the leaving air (db) temperature via a third-party controller was seen as a strong advantage that delivered a number of benefits to the end user, the key one of those being high comfort levels. The quality and application of the internal insulation was also a big hit, as this is a major consideration in zones of high humidity. The level of corrosion protection on the units provided by marine grade powder coat, epoxy fin coils and stainless steel external fixings was another major talking point.”

Also on display were the latest Hitachi Hi Wall Splits and cassette units - now rated to 46°C ambient and incorporating many Northern Territory-relevant features including anti-mould coatings on indoor fan impellers and internal casings, and a ‘one touch clean’ function to prevent mildew on indoor coils.

The event’s service training component, meantime, was provided by Temperzone Australia’s National Service Manager Mark Howcroft. The program saw 50 attending technicians provided with a comprehensive service manual and detailed presentation covering areas including installation specifics and commissioning as well as operation and fault diagnosis of the Temperzone UC 6 / 7 and 8 controllers. The training day was also used to introduce the audience to new Temperzone diagnostic tools.
“The main one of these was the Wi-Fi module, which was extremely well received by the techs,” says Ryan Wijayasekera. “The training was very interactive as all technicians were encouraged to log into the module in OPA186RKTGH and observe and adjust various parameters. It was like setting free a bunch of kids in a lolly shop and Mark had quite a job to stop 25 phones speeding up fans and adjusting compressor capacity.”

Wijayasekera adds that Temperzone will again reaffirm its dedicated commitment to Darwin and the Northern Territory during its next visit in early September.