Stanthorpe Public is now a Cooler Cleaner School

Stanthorpe State School is celebrating the new school year with the installation of new Hitachi air conditioners providing a cooler and more comfortable environment for students and teachers during QLD’s hot and humid summers. Located in the Southern Downs Region, the rural school is part of the Queensland Government Cooler Cleaner Schools Program Initiative, for Primary and High Schools which includes 650 schools and 10,000 classrooms throughout Queensland.

With Hitachi on the Accepted Brand list, Temperzone Queensland has partnered with Air Service Technologies for the initiative. AST recently completed works on the Stanthorpe State School using Hitachi Under Ceiling models. The Hitachi RPC series was a perfect solution. Designed to be suspended under the ceiling, they are quick to install and have easy access for maintenance and service. The unit delivers a wide air distribution which provides a cool, constant stream of air for the classroom.

The elevation at Stanthorpe is 811 metres, which means that it can get very cold in the winter. In fact it holds the record for the lowest temperature recorded in Queensland at −10.6 °C. Fortunately, the Hitachi RPC units will also keep the kids and teachers nice and warm in winter. In total, the project included 62 x RPC under ceiling systems and 3 x E Series wall mounted systems. For more information about E-Series wall mounts click here.

The QLD Temperzone team worked closely with AST to provide the best cooling solution for each classroom being upgraded on the program. AST’s reputation for quality mechanical installations and services have proven a success with projects throughout Toowoomba and the Darling Downs for Q Build and other highly regarded construction and strategic building maintenance providers. They are a proud locally owned air conditioning company supporting local community projects.

School Application

HItachi E Series Highwall Splits

Inverter Compressor


Frost Wash on 'S' series RAC

Frost Wash is a revolutionary new cleaning technology for Hitachi Wall Splits that removes 91% of Bacteria and 87% of mould from the indoor unit coil.

R32 Wall Splits

One of the major product launches for the Hitachi Brand at ARBS will be the introduction of two completely new R32 Wall Split Ranges. For the first time in the Australian market Hitachi will be offering a mid market "E" Series and a premium market "S" Series