Hitachi P Series - Leading automatic operation

For set and forget convenience and leading comfort and energy efficient control, Hitachi’s new Premium P series wall mounted split systems provide a new level of innovation in fully automatic unit control. The P Series comes with new innovative features that enable full self-cleaning automatic operation, along with automatic on/off and comfort control.

P Series main features include:

  • Automatic filter cleaning robot

  • Image Scene Camera Technology

  • Motion sensor

  • FrostWash self-cleaning technology

  • Built in Wi-Fi control featuring SmartFence

  • High energy efficiency

Hitachi P Series has advanced automatic self-cleaning technology to ensure a high indoor air quality and optimum system operation is maintained.

An automatic filter cleaning robot utilises a special brush to sweep dust into a collection box to ensure the filter is always kept clean and clear.


P Series incorporates FrostWash self-cleaning technology to automatically flush away dust particles, mould, and bacteria to maintain a clean indoor coil and clean air.

Hitachi’s Scene Camera Image Sensor Technology enables advanced automatic control of airflow, temperature, and on/off functionality.


To ensure maximum comfort, scene camera technology adapts its airflow direction and temperature according to number of people and their location in the room.

Image scene camera technology will automatically operate based on room occupancy, when the room is empty for a short while it will change the temperature to save power, when it is occupied again it will return to set temperature. If the room continues to remain empty, it will automatically turn the air conditioner off to reduce energy usage and can automatically turn back on when the room is occupied again.

Inbuilt into the P Series is Hitachi’s leading airCloud Home Wi-Fi controller. Along with standard Wi-Fi control functionality, airCloud Home leads the market with advanced features such SmartFence which enables automatic on/off control of your air conditioner based on your location.

The Hitachi P Series wall mounted split system range comes in nominal cooling capacities of 2.5kW, 3.5kW & 5.0kW. Available May/June 2022.

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