About Us


Founded in 1956, Temperzone has been manufacturing air conditioning equipment for over 60 years. In fact, as many of its competitors have moved their manufacturing offshore, Temperzone has increased the size and capacity of its local Australian and New Zealand factories. Equipped with the most comprehensive range of R32 commercial HVAC available in New Zealand and Australia, Temperzone are the only organisation to manufacture all commercial air conditioning products locally with manufacturing plants situated in Auckland, Sydney and Hamilton.

Temperzone Group is a leading manufacturer, distributor and exporter of air conditioning and ventilation equipment throughout Oceania and Asia. As a Group, it has an established network of sales offices, distributors and warehouses located in New Zealand,  Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, P.R. China, India and Indonesia.

We are dedicated to innovating solutions to reduce the environmental impact of air conditioning. Global warming and the move towards energy efficient solutions drive the ongoing search for more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, safe refrigerant gases.

Our offering of R32 across all commercial refrigerant systems provide a 75% to 80% reduction in GWP per kW of cooling/heating and assist in pathing the way for a zero-carbon future. As these changes in technologies occur within the air conditioning industry, our design approach is to ensure the continued reliability, ease of application and serviceability of our systems.

Temperzone is determined to become Australasia’s first producer of a complete range of R32 commercial products. A goal well on the way to being achieved since the launch of locally manufactured R32 products in New Zealand and Australia.

In October 2009, Temperzone Australia and Hitachi formed a strategic alliance that saw Temperzone appointed as the exclusive distributor of Hitachi Cooling & Heating products in Australia & New Zealand. The combination of the Temperzone and Hitachi product ranges in both the residential and commercial markets has produced the most comprehensive range of air conditioning products available within Australia.

An ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system is used to ensure all products supplied are of consistent and reliable quality.

Locally Operated

A privately owned company with Temperzone's Head Office located in Auckland, New Zealand and Temperzone Australia's Head Office based in Sydney.

Over 500 Employees

Over 500 staff are employed across the group within the areas of manufacturing, engineering, marketing, sales, support and distribution.

Highest Quality

Manufacturers of quality air conditioning products from factories located in Sydney and Auckland and sent around the world. Temperzone is AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

4 Global Regions

Our offices are located in:
New Zealand, Australia,
Singapore and Shanghai.