New Zealand

Temperzone aims to deliver exceptional after sales service, with a highly-skilled support team comprising of dedicated technical support  personnel focused on assisting you with technical advice, warranty, spare parts and on-site start-up assistance. With Temperzone products continually evolving to provide higher levels of efficiency, control and protection, we want our customers to have the comfort of knowledge that Temperzone will be there right along-side them for the entire product life cycle. This personal service extends across  both Temperzone and Hitachi brands. All Temperzone and Hitachi products sold and installed within New Zealand are backed by a comprehensive warranty, with the warranty period varying based on the model and application type. 

How to Make A Warranty Claim

  1. Visit the site to diagnose the problem and to get the Serial No, Model No and Installation date of the faulty unit. Before you do any work on the faulty unit, complete step 2.
  2. Request allocation of a Temperzone Case Number by phoning  Temperzone Customer Service at 0800 899 277 (0800-TZWARRANTY)'
  3. Customer Service will discuss the problem and possible causes with you
  4. A Case Number will be issued to you once they have checked the validity of the claim and that the unit is within the warranty period.
  5. Once the Case Number has been confirmed, you can place a Purchase Order for the replacement parts, including a reference to the Case Number.
  6. Replacement parts will be invoiced to you at zero cost. However, Temperzone will invoice at full cost if: a) the Case No. has not been obtained prior to sending the Purchase Order and b) the Case No. is not referenced in the Purchase Order.
  7. Retain any faulty items. Temperzone may ask for them to be returned for analysis.
  8. Once the unit is repaired submit a Claim Invoice along with a temperzone Warranty Service Report referencing the Case No., for labour, mileage and any other items used. [Note: Review labour limits document below] Temperzone does not accept mark-ups on consumables supplied under warranty, eg refrigerant.
  9. Once your Claim Invoice has been accepted and paid the faulty items may be disposed of. 
  10. Temperzone Ltd retains the right to:
  • a) Repair or replace the units themselves or use an agent to do so.
  • b) Invoice the replacement part at full cost if considered necessary.
  • c) Re-invoice the initial replacement at full cost if the item returned as faulty is not defective.

Please Note: A Case Number registers your claim. It does not represent automatic liability by Temperzone Ltd. Fault finding and diagnosis by temperzone is a GUIDE ONLY as fault detail provided may be incomplete. Responsibility for diagnosis remains with the Service Company