Econex = Efficiency, Control and Sustainability.

In a world where global warming is driving ever increasing demands on air conditioning, long term sustainability and efficiency have become key elements of new equipment design.

Econex is the embodiment of Temperzone’s determination to become Australasia’s first producer of a complete range of commercial R32 products, a goal well on the way to being achieved since the launch of locally manufactured R32 split ducted products in Australia and New Zealand. Offering R32 refrigerant across all Temperzone commercial systems will provide a 75% to 80% reduction in GWP per kW of cooling or heating and assist in pathing the way for a zero-carbon future.

Temperzone's Research and Development into the utilisation of low GWP R32 refrigerant for commercial HVAC products was initiated in 2016. Developing commercial R32 product required close R&D efforts with major component suppliers as we were amongst the first worldwide to explore these alternative refrigerants for commercial systems. Through developing these Next Generation low GWP refrigerant platforms and providing cost effective and energy efficient HVAC solutions to the industry, Temperzone is making a significant contribution to the reduction in GHG emissions of the Building Services Sector.

For over 10 years, Temperzone has embarked on a journey of product development, first delivering the ECO range, followed by the ECO Ultra range which culminated in the Multi-Award Winning Temperzone OPA2100 Eco Ultra.

Econex is the next step in our product evolution, a move to R32 Inverter systems designed for local conditions with exceptional part load efficiency and control flexibility. Where possible, this is accompanied by a move towards smaller footprints, reduced weights, and improved service access. Econex is the next generation of the ECO range, and as such, continues to offer the ECO range's higher specifications of EC scroll or EC plug fans, variable speed condenser fans, electronic expansion valves, wide capacity range allowing close control, dry mode operation, coil guards and more.

Over the next 12 months Temperzone will be releasing new products in the Econex range. First released in mid-2020 were Econex commercial split ducted systems (15 to 35kW) which have proven hugely successful with installers, contractors, consultants and corporate property owners who are seeking commercial HVAC solutions that help to meet businesses carbon reduction targets.

The first Econex OPA range of rooftop package units will be released in the near future. This first range of R32 inverter air cooled packaged units will come in nominal capacities from 17kW ~ 55kW. A nominal 30kW split ducted system will also be added to the Econex range, as well as a range of reverse cycle chiller and water cooled units.

If you are looking for increased efficiency, reduced operational costs and a lower total cost of ownership, a superior capacity range for delivering increased comfort and a more sustainable refrigerant, then Econex should be your choice.

When you think about it, Econex just makes great business sense!

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