Temperzone Service Tools App

Tired of wrestling with manuals and guesswork?

Introducing Temperzone Service Tools, the cutting-edge app that supercharges your Temperzone product expertise. Built for technicians like you, this app redefines how you diagnose and commission any Temperzone air conditioning system.


Simple: Get quick, clear answers without any fuss.
Smart: Designed by technicians for technicians.
Seamless: Works perfectly with Temperzone products.

Upgrade your skills. Fix AC problems like a pro!

Air Cooled Fault Guide

Navigate through system checks and fault routes effortlessly.

Water Cooled Fault Guide

Access detailed information on system checks and fault routes. 

Installation Checklist

Obtain key installation insights, including phases, running amps, pipe sizes, duct connections, and drain connections.

Water Balancing Checklist

Ensure precise commissioning of water-cooled units with pressure drop, temperature difference, and water flow details.

Sensor Resistance Tables

Quick access to essential sensor resistance data.

Pressure Transducer Calculator

Simplify pressure and voltage calculations for accurate diagnostics.

Refrigerant Charge Calculator 

Identify required gas charges for units spanning the past 40 years.

Dewpoint Calculator

Swiftly determine dewpoint for optimal system performance.

Capacity Calculator

Calculate equipment duty to ascertain performance.


Available for download now at Google Play or the App Store. A website version is also available to use online, simply tap on button below.

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