Tailoring Training to Suit Your Needs

Rapidly changing technology offers many exciting new features that can make our lives easier, but it’s really only effective if we keep up to date with all the changes. And this applies to the Temperzone and Hitachi product range just as much as your new iPhone. So why not make the most of the cooler months and make sure you and all your staff are up to date with all the recent product changes?

Temperzone offers a range of different training options to suit your business.

The Technical Training Room in Sydney incorporates a high level of hands on training centred around the very latest products. National Service Manager Mark Howcroft offers a range of Product Modules that include specifics on installation, commissioning, troubleshooting and servicing. This includes the operation and fault diagnosis of unit UC Controllers. High Level Interface (HLI), Bacnet and Modbus options are covered for individual products in each given module.

  • Temperzone Residential Ducted Split Systems (Module A) 2 Hours
  • Temperzone Commercial Ducted Split Systems (Module B) 2 Hours
  • Temperzone Air Cooled Package Units (Module C) 2 Hours
  • Temperzone Water Cooled Package Units (Module D) 2 Hours
  • Temperzone Chilled Water Fan Coil Units (Module E) 1 Hour
  • Hitachi Wall Mount Split Systems & Multi Zone (Module F) 3 Hours
  • Hitachi DC Inverter Ducted (Module G) 3 Hours
  • Hitachi VRF Systems (Module H) 4 Hours
  • Hitachi Air Cooled Chillers (Module I) 3 Hours
  • Hitachi Water Cooled Chillers (Module J) 3 Hours

Or we can come to you if you have a group of 20 or more who would attend. This way we can tailor the training to your needs and the type of work you focus on. At the moment Mark is working on having a fully working ECO version of a Temperzone 18KW air cooled package unit for demonstration purposes together with a suitable working Hitachi Wall Split. If this option interests you, contact your local Branch Manager to get the ball rolling.

And don’t forget the new 7th edition Temperzone Service Training Manual available as well as up to date various Hitachi Service Training Manuals. While it is available for download here, email Mark to receive a printed copy that you can take anywhere and write notes on. M.Howcroft@temperzone.com.au

Make the most of everything our new products have to offer and organise a training session soon, they will fill up fast so don’t miss out!

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