Temperzone began over 65 years ago as a family-oriented business and later evolved into a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative climate solutions. Starting in 1956 as Temperature Control Ltd, the company pioneered the production of heat transfer coils for manufacturing and industrial processing applications in New Zealand. Building on its success, the company grew its team, introduced new technologies and innovations, expanded its range of products and services, and positioned itself as an industry leader. 

In 1973, Temperature Control Ltd changed its name to Temperzone. With changes in the building industry on the rise, there became a new demand for advanced commercial air conditioning. To cater for the demand, Temperzone began designing and manufacturing sophisticated custom-built air handling units and air conditioning systems.

In 1985, Temperzone acquired Bradway Engineering Pty Ltd, an Australian Air Conditioning manufacturer based in Blacktown, New South Wales. 

In 1988, Temperzone opened its first office in Hong Kong to serve the growing demand for Temperzone products in Asia.

In the 1990s, Temperzone introduced sophisticated CAD/CAM technology which resulted in enormous gains in productivity, reduced lead times, and improved customer service. 

In 1994, Temperzone relocated its Asian Regional Head Office from Hong Kong to Singapore due to increasing business in Southeast Asia. 

In 2000, Bradway Engineering Pty Ltd changed its name to Temperzone Australia Pty Ltd. Temperzone expanded its manufacturing facilities in Australia and New Zealand and invested heavily in new automated processing machinery.

In 2017, Temperzone introduced the first R32 refrigerant Rooftop Packaged Unit to the market.

Today, the Temperzone Group is a major manufacturer and supplier of commercial and industrial air conditioning, supplying leading solutions to Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Singapore, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia. 

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