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Information is vital in getting the job done.

Temperzone aims to provide a comprehensive suite of technical, application and installation information -- not only for current products, but products spanning back through previous years.

If you can't find exactly what you need, please contact your local technical support team.

Frequently Asked Questions


In the interest of educating and sharing information, this document covers a number of issues involved in unit performance, installation and maintenance.

With so many units installed around Australia, New Zealand and SEA we are always supporting our products through technical phone and onsite support.

These are a list of common questions.
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Service Manual


The service technical manual contains product information on temperzone air cooled, water cooled and chilled water products. 
The manual provides information about the operation of a system, fault codes and detailed overview and operation of the electronic components and controls.

Generally information is required in one of two areas refrigeration or control/electricals – with a copy of the service manual you have it covered.
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Technical Support Documents


Digital Scroll Compressor Video 
Support Info - How It Works
How digital scroll compressors workHow digital scroll compressors work
Quality Coating - Process Specification
Product manufactured in NZ and sold in Australia
Download PDF July 2015
Unit Controllers (UC6, UC7, UC8 & IUC)
Split & Packaged Systems 
Download UC6 client wiring   November 2013
Download UC6 Features & fault codes   July 2013 
Download UC6 Operation & installation   November 2012
Download UC6 Modbus communications
Download UC6 BACnet communications
Download UC7 Client wiring   - Ducted Split Systems  September 2012
Download UC7 Operation & installation  - Air-to-Air  March 2014
Download UC7 Operation & installation  - Hydronics  March 2014
Download UC7 Fault codes  May 2013
Download UC7 Quick reference operation and fault diagnosis  October 2014
Download UC7 Troubleshooting guide   October 2012
Download UC7 Modbus communications
Download UC8-IUC-tstat connection wiring : Air-to-Air 
Download UC8 Operation manual : Air-to-Air 
Download UC8 Operation manual : Hydronics 
Download UC8 Fault and Display Messages : Air-to-Air
Download UC8 Fault and display messages : Hydronics
Download UC8 Troubleshooting guide
Download UC8 Quick reference operation and fault diagnosis  October 2015
Download UC8 Modbus communications
Download UC8 Master-Slave connection
Download IUC Quick reference & fault diagnosis  November 2015
Download IUC Operation manual

Outdoor Unit Controller (OUC) Video
Support Info (2007–2014 models)
Outdoor unit controller operation

Outdoor Unit Controller (OUC): Program 5D, Issue 4
Split & Packaged Systems 
Download OUC Operation & Fault Diagnosis Date Updated: November 2006
Download OUC Support Information Date Updated: February 2006

Outdoor Unit Controller (OUC): Program 4D, Issue 3
Split & Packaged Systems
Download OUC Operation & Fault Diagnosis Date Updated: January 2005

Outdoor Unit Controller (OUC): Issue 2
Split & Packaged Systems
Download OUC Operation & Fault Diagnosis Date Updated: August 2004

Outdoor Unit Controller (OUC): Issue 1
Split & Packaged Systems
Download OUC Operation & Fault Diagnosis Date Updated: July 2004
SAT Controllers
For support info, enter 'SAT' in the Model Search box above
Solving the Mysteries of Economisers
Support Info
Download PDF Date Updated: December 2009

Flexible Ducting Installation Guide
Split Systems Guide Sheet
Download PDF Date Updated: November 2003
Commissioning Sheets - Ducted DX Systems
R410A models: Date Updated: March 2010
Download OSA 55-280RK
Download OSA 298-950RK
Download OPA 116-201RK
Download OPA 225-960RK
Download OPA ECO Series (UC6)
Download OPA 1370,2000RK
Download PA Series
Models released from June 2015: refer Installation Instructions
Water Sourced Units Applications Manual
Water Sourced Packaged Units (HWP-UC8 Series)
Download PDF Date Updated: May 2018 
High Percentage Fresh Air Systems 
Split & Packaged Systems Applications Notice
Download PDF Date Updated: October 2001
Kulthorn Motors as Replacements
Split & Packaged Systems Applications Notice
Download PDF Date Updated: July 2008

DRED (Demand Response Enabling Device)

DRED provides a method by which a controlling authority, most likely a power supply company, can limit the amount of power that an air conditioner can consume in comparison to its nominal full load power consumption. The aim is to reduce overall power consumption to the supply network at critical peak load times. A ripple is passed down the power supply which triggers a response. Not dissimilar to what some power companies do when controlling peak demand  for electric water heaters in New Zealand.

DRED is capable of demanding three different levels of response from the air conditioner, identified as DRM1, DRM2 and DRM3. 
DRM1 which is 'compressor off' is the minimum required to meet the Australian standard AS4755.3.1.
DRM2 must not exceed 50% of Capacity kW
DRM3 must not exceed 75% of Capacity kW

Most manufacturer's have been gradually including this facility in their new products. 

All  new Temperzone units that include a UC6 or UC7 Controller are DRED:DRM1 compliant.

Temperzone has a DRED module which is designed to fit any older temperzone units installed with an Outdoor Unit Controller (OUC) version 5, or older, and thereby make it compliant with the Australian standard AS4755.3.1.

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