TZT100 Commercial controller

TZT100 Commercial controller

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Temperzone's TZT-100 thermostat is an advanced controller suited to commercial enviroments. The TZT100 thermostat adapts quickly to suit its surroundings and is a single thermostat that can control almost any type of heating, cooling or air conditioning system as well as
meet all the individual needs of the people using it.

TZT100 controller


Available in:

White only

Compatible with:

  • HWP with UC8
  • ISD/OSA with UC8
  • OPA with UC8

Infrared approaching sensor

When larger projects are considered, or central control is necessary then the TZT-100 has integrated Modbus communication. Every function and setting within the TZT-100 can be viewed, locked, changed or edited from a centralised location as desired or automatically from a suitable building management system.

After hours run timer


For convenience, the installer may have set the after-hours run function. This function permits you to temporarily turn the thermostat back on for an installer pre-set period of time if the “Stop” program is running, at the conclusion of which the thermostat will automatically turn back off again. Simply tap the “O/RIDE” button.


Automatically chooses the right mode for perfect comfort


After hours run timer function


Timed operation for each day of the week


24/7 time clock function

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