Temperzone controllers

Temperzone controllers

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The innovation of control

Temperzone has a range of controllers to choose from, depending on the air conditioning system you need to control. The innovation is conveyed in the product design and user benefits. Focus has been applied to improving user experience, developing intelligent control and operation while delivering an enhanced visual experience.

Climate touch - Coming soon

  • Simple Home Screen with Mode Select, Fan and Setpoint Control
  • Heat, Cool, Auto, Adv. Auto, Dry and Fan Only Modes
  • Intuitive touch-and-drag seven-day schedule
  • 356+ day schedule for holidays and special events
  • Configurable override functionality
  • Detailed fault history and diagnostics display
  • Auto-dimming display

Touch mini - Coming soon

  • Infrared approaching sensor
  • ECO Energy Saving Setting
  • Self-Learning Function
  • Clock Setting & Timer Programming
  • Mode Selection
  • Fan Speed Selection


  • Colour coded Touch Screen Controller
  • Max 14 Zones available using WiFi  Zone sensor's
  • Optional Wired iSense Zone Sensor
  • Individual temperature control  for each Zone
  • Set airflow for each zone
  • Set up an Operating Schedule for  Individual Zones to suit your lifestyle
  •  WiFi option with weather location display


  • Large backlit EL Display
  • 7 Day programmable time clock
  • Programmable occupancy inputs
  • On demand timer count down timer up to 9hrs
  • Smart Fan logic for Commercial Control
  • Single or 3 speed fan control
  • Continuous or Intermittent fan run-on in dead zone


  • Backlit LCD Display Controller
  • Set control mode - cool / dry / heat / auto
  • 7 Day Time clock operation
  • Set temperature in 0.5°C increments
  • On demand timer count down timer up to 4hrs
  • Max 6 Zones available with optional zone board
  • Set up an Operating Schedule for Individual Zones

WI-FI service tool

  • Wi-Fi connection 
  • View operating data of units
  • Web browser display