Wall mounted split systems

Wall mounted split systems

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Chilled water solutions for every project

Ranging in capacity from 4kW to 215.6kW, the Temperzone Chilled Water product range harnesses the power of chilled water to deliver unprecedented levels of climate control capability.

Utilising a fan coil unit that passes water through a heat exchanger at 6 - 12°C, the Temperzone range is the ideal choice for commercial buildings that struggle to accommodate multiple outdoor units.

And while offering superior performance in large commercial settings, our smaller chilled water fan-cooled unit is ideal for confined spaces like hotel rooms and accommodation, where limited wall or ceiling cavity sizes would normally provide serious installation challenges.

S series with frost-wash

  • Frost Wash
  • DC Inverter
  • Power tracking display
  • Nano Titanium Wasabi filter
  • Nano Titanium pre filter
  • 4 Way directional auto swing airflow
  • Air purifying filter
  • Leave home function

E Series

  • Directional auto swing louvers
  • Air purfying filter
  • Auto restart after power falure
  • 4 Way directional auto swing airflow
  • 12hr on/off timer
  • Eco mode functions
  • Sleep mode