News Issue 2-2020


Hitachi’s Simple Yet Powerful Solutions

Hitachi airCloud Home 

Cloud control for wall splits

Hitachi airCloud pro

Cloud control for VRF

Hitachi’s airCloud Home and airCloud Pro provide you with simple yet powerful solutions for managing your home or office air conditioning system anytime from anywhere. Both systems are cloud-based solutions that allow you to remotely control a Hitachi Air Conditioning system via a smart phone or device. 

airCloud Home

Hitachi’s airCloud Home is an easy to use cloud-based app. The user friendly interface allows you to control a range of features including temperature control, adjustable air flow direction and weekly programmable scheduling. If you have left home with the system still on, or want to cool the house down before you get home on a hot day, the app gives you the control to make changes from anywhere. By scheduling your air conditioner usage you can also save energy and money. You can even use the voice commands through Alexa or Google to create total comfort in your home.

Hitachi’s airCloud connects to your smart phone or device through a discreet adapter that is easy to install and set up.

airCloud Pro – New VRF Remote Management System

Like Hitachi’s airCloud Home, the airCloud Pro is a cloud-based solution for remote access via a smart phone, tablet or laptop. The airCloud Pro allows you to manage mutiple buildings VRF Systems with one touch from anywhere.

Hitachi’s airCloud Pro gateway gives you the ability to control up to 80 indoor units and 16 outdoor units by using centralised control of the entire VRF systems or selected zones. Multiple gateways can be incorporated on a single project. The intuitive interface allows you to optimise a range of operations including temperature adjustments, fan speed and louvre direction control, scheduling and user permissions.

The live control dashboard allows you improve the comfort of your occupants all while monitoring the power and energy usage. The secure registration and login provides shortcuts to access most common functions and the ability to control an unlimited number of sites. Hitachi’s airCloud Pro gives you  centralised management on a whole new level.

For more information and to download the product brochure click here to visit the airCloud home product page.

Issue Content


Temperzone has started releasing its next generation R32 – Inverter compressor product under the Econex brand.

Just as Temperzone led the industry with the adoption of R410a in commercial air conditioning systems, we are again leading with R32.

Two Brands, One Solution

Hobart’s first Crowne Plaza hotel will enjoy the benefits of combining Hitachi Chillers with Temperzone’s IMDL fan coil units to provide a unique solution to their cooling and heating requirements.

OPA ECO Series

Temperzone’s ECO Series of Rooftop Package Units continues to evolve as some of the most energy efficient air conditioning units in the market. With unit capacities ranging from 11.6kW to 193kW Temperzone Eco Rooftop Package Units are used in a huge range of applications from shopping centres to food manufacturing plants to pubs and clubs, schools and office buildings.

Warriewood Cinema - A Slightly Unusual Solution

The Warriewood Cinemas replacement project in April 2020 had some slightly unusual application issues. A little lateral thinking, a great product range and the ability to manufacture locally in the middle of a pandemic, produced a successful solution.