News Issue 1 - 2021


Welcome to Our Virtual Trade Stand Tour

With the difficulty of presenting our products at exhibitions due to Covid-19, and concern over cancellations and attendance rates, Temperzone has sought an alternative method of delivery.

We worked closely with various developers considering options on how to best deliver a virtual exhibition that is engaging and provides a platform for future possibilities and events.

The virtual tour provides a visual perspective of products as well as the ability to download information and view video content. Temperzone looks forward to expanding these methods of delivery in the future.

We'd like to invite you to take a tour of our virtual stand.

With the cancellation of 2020 trade events we weren't able to share our innovations, so we decided to bring our products to you, virtually.

We welcome you to view the latest Temperzone and Hitachi innovations. Simply follow the link, then register and login to enjoy this experience.

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Issue Content

Leading the Way in R32 Commercial Products

There is a significant shift taking place in the Air Conditioning market and local manufacturer, Temperzone, is leading the way. In commercial air conditioning, Temperzone has led the innovation towards more environmentally friendly refrigerants, firstly from R22 to R410A, and now from R410A to R32. The shift to R32 provides lower Global Warming Potential and higher efficiency

Stanthorpe Public is now a Cooler Cleaner School

Stanthorpe State School is celebrating the new school year with the installation of new Hitachi air conditioners providing a cooler and more comfortable environment for students and teachers during QLD’s hot and humid summers. Located in the Southern Downs Region, the rural school is part of the Queensland Government Cooler Cleaner Schools Program Initiative, for Primary and High Schools which includes 650 schools and 10,000 classrooms throughout Queensland.

Temperzone’s R32 Commercial Products Making Inroads in New Zealand

New World, a supermarket chain under Foodstuffs Co-operatives in New Zealand, recently opened a new store in Hobsonville, a rural suburb of Auckland. New World is committed to sustainability and doing their part to reduce their operational carbon emissions. The stores are 100% New Zealand owned and operated and have a very strong focus on local products. So, it is fitting that the OPA 2100 unit that was installed not only uses R32 refrigerant but was also the first of its model to be made in the Auckland factory. The system was installed by McAlpine Hussmann.

Facilities Integrate

The Temperzone stand at the recently held Facilities Integrate show in Auckland was themed “A Low Carbon Future with HVAC in Buildings”. As one of the first companies to design and produce commercial HVAC systems incorporating R32 refrigerant, this was a key message about Temperzone's transition to R32 refrigerant.

Internet is King in the Outback

The Temperzone VPA unit is specially designed to survive in the high ambient temperatures of the Pilbara region. The ability to connect Temperzone Vertical Package Units (VPA) to monitoring systems was a critical element in Sodexo choosing Temperzone equipment.