News Issue 1-2017


Getting the most out of your Temperzone unit to BMS connection

Almost every Temperzone air conditioning unit contains a unit controller board that lets you get an amazing amount of information via your BMS, if you connect it the right way! You get a huge array of information that is useful in commissioning and you can also monitor performance and easily identify faults. Importantly it’s also the most cost efficient way to connect Temperzone units to a BMS.

The solution is super simple. Any Temperzone air conditioning unit using a UC6,  UC7 or UC8 controller board can be connected directly to the BMS interface using shielded pair BMS communication cable. No need for expensive relay boards and even more expensive wiring.

Using BMS relay boards, like the configuration shown below, severely limits the BMS control of the air conditioning unit down to a small number of essentially on / off functions.

The shielded pair daisy chain configuration shown below is simpler, cheaper and faster to install and give vastly improved BMS control.

In the last issue of Temperzone News we ran an article about a glasshouse climate control project in Queensland. It is an unusual and extreme air conditioning project but is essentially enabled by the unit controllers on the OPA ECO units, daisy chained to the BMS, using BMS communication cable.

The glasshouse project simply would not have been possible using conventional BMS relay boards and relay wiring.

As virtually all Temperzone air cooled and water cooled products have UC6,UC7 or UC8 controllers they can be connected to a BMS using this approach. As temperzone split ducted units have an indoor unit controller that is networked to the outdoor unit, the daisy chain can be connected to either unit.

The following are available via the BMS Connection:

  • Turn the compressor On / Off
  • Read & select the Evap fan speed
  • Read & select Cooling / Heating / Fan Only
  • Read & Select the Capacity (DiGital / Inverter / Multi Compressor Units Only)
  • Read & Select the operating mode (High Efficiency / Dry or Super Dry Mode)
  • Monitor Temperatures, Pressures, State of Other Inputs
  • Observe unit Safety timers
  • Observe the state of Outputs such as CMC Relay, R/V relay etc
  • Observe information on reported faults

*This differs between models

The benefits are many, exceptional control (particularly with ECO range products), increased efficiency across the duty cycle, faster commissioning, enhanced fault finding and comprehensive monitoring. Don’t forget it is much faster and cheaper to install.

If you want more information on how to get the best out of BMS connectivity talk to your Temperzone contact.

Issue Content

Customer Care Goes National

How would you like your own local Temperzone tech support person, who can handle a range of functions from commissioning assistance to warranty repairs and hands on “in service training” for your staff. Sounds almost too good to be true? It’s called Temperzone Customer Care and it’s coming to you in 2017.

ECO Savings

Large warehousing retail outlets have become increasingly popular over the last 20 years across Australia. Typically, air conditioning comprises a large proportion of the total running costs for these buildings. Recent modelling shows Temperzone OPA ECO units produce exceptional savings in large retail applications.

Happy 60th to You All

As you may have already heard, Temperzone achieved a very impressive milestone this year, 60 years of continuous manufacturing in New Zealand and Australia. And we would like to say thank you, we couldn’t have done it without the loyalty, input and support of all our customers.

Only in Australia…

Anyone who has ever lived in tropical Australia will know about Geckos! They have the amazing ability to climb up a vertical wall or even a glass window. Gecko’s extreme climbing skills allow these entertaining little lizards to go anywhere in search of food. Unfortunately, this includes the interior of air conditioning units.

Temperzone is On the Road Again with Training

Temperzone recently held a hugely successful Training and Sales Conference Day in Townsville and is planning more for all the major capital cities in Australia in 2017. Temperzone understands that not everyone can take the time off to come to Sydney - so we are coming to you.