News Issue 1-2016


Built Temperzone Tough

Temperzone’s reputation for building quality equipment that can withstand highly corrosive environments is continually being put to the test. Recently 4 Temperzone package units were installed on a power generation barge that supplies power to a gold mine, in an old volcano. Did we mention that the units on the barge are on racks that are open to all the elements?

Jackson and Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd in Cairns have a reputation for meeting the challenges posed by large, complex projects. And while this was, according to Installation Supervisor Dan Bradford, “just an air conditioning replacement job”, it was certainly in a unique situation.

The Newcrest Mine on Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea is on an extinct volcanic crater that is geothermally active, and is one of the largest known gold deposits in the world.

As Dan explained, they first had to remove 2 x 55kW and 2 x 45kW units which were rusted after just 5 years on the job. They then used a 200 tonne crane at full stretch to get the new units into position. The replacement units are 4 x 55 kW Temperzone package units with custom built Stainless Steel panels to withstand the elements.

As you can imagine, this is an incredibly corrosive environment. The units are mounted on racks on the barge and open to the full brunt of the salty sea air. Add to that the corrosive nature of gold mining and the sulfur gases leaking out of the volcano when they dig.

The units installed also have a very high level of anti-corrosive treatment including the epoxy coated evaporator and condenser coils.

According to Dan, “Temperzone’s Salt Spray Test results were sent to mine for approval before the deal was finalized. Those results combined with the stainless steel panels sold the client on the Temperzone units.

The power generation barge is permanently docked on the wharf next to the mine site. The barge provides power for 70% of the mine and township. The Temperzone units are responsible for the HV and LV control Switchrooms as well as the offices on the barge.

The barge was built in Singapore and sailed to PNG which at the time was a more efficient way to do it than building a power station on the island.

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In recent issues of Temperzone News we have seen numerous examples of the flexibility and versatility of modular Hitachi Chillers. Recently, the South Australian Office was involved with 2 new applications of Hitachi Chillers both manufactured to be capable of Brine -10c leaving.

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Shopping Mall refurbishment projects are often challenging due to the size of the units involved and the size of the Mall itself. This often makes access to the units difficult. Over the last three years, Temperzone New Zealand has pulled out all stops to meet their customer’s needs.

Congratulations Ken McLeod and RST

Recently, Ken McLeod, owner of Refrigeration Services Townsville (RST) celebrated an impressive 35 years of air conditioning in North Queensland. Ken was kind enough to speak to us recently and share his views on a range of things, most of which we could include in this story!

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Temperzone is leading the way in design and manufacture of air conditioning in Australia and New Zealand. Take a mini tour of our state of the art factories with our latest video. We wanted to share our latest video creation with you. This is Temperzone in a nutshell…

Look How Far We Have Come

Just a few short years ago, we were using typical refrigeration gauges to look inside the system and see what was happening. To diagnose a system, we had to use the gauges in conjunction with temperature sensors to work our superheat, subcooling and discharge superheat. We have certainly come a long way since then.