New Modular Chiller Range

The new AH2 range of Modular Screw Chillers from Hitachi is now available in Australia and NZ. The range has been completely redesigned to better fit with the chiller requirements of the ANZ market.

The major features are as follows:

  • Capacity range for both Heat Pump and Cooling Only is 160kW to 1800kw
  • New frame design makes installation and maintenance simpler and easier.
  • A wide range of footprint options are available.
  • 5 water temperature configuration options including 3 low temperature Brine options.

Four new Base Units are based on 2 new frame configurations.

New modular options gives greater capacity and installation flexibility.

"Cooling Only" Capacities start at 160kW

Heat Pump Units range from 160kW to 1800kW

The 40 and 50 HP base units have been replaced by 60 and 70 HP units.

The 80 and 90 HP units are a completely new configuration.

Chassis configuration has been redesigned to make access for installation and servicing simpler and easier.

Increased space makes removal of the compressor much easier.

The base has been redesigned and is now fully galvanized.

The HEX can be easily removed for service also.

Chillers are available for a range of water temperature  configurations including Brine for very low temperature operations.

These options are available in both Heat Pump and Cooling Only systems.

If you would like more information on the new HITACHI modular chiller range please call your local Temperzone Office.


2 Delicious Low Temperature Chiller Applications

In recent issues of Temperzone News we have seen numerous examples of the flexibility and versatility of modular Hitachi Chillers. Recently, the South Australian Office was involved with 2 new applications of Hitachi Chillers both manufactured to be capable of Brine -10c leaving.

Two Brands, One Solution

Hobart’s first Crowne Plaza hotel will enjoy the benefits of combining Hitachi Chillers with Temperzone’s IMDL fan coil units to provide a unique solution to their cooling and heating requirements.