Indonesian Product Seminar

Temperzone recently held an Indonesian Product Seminar at the Sheraton Grand in Jakarta. The event was opened by Ms Diana Permana, the New Zealand Trade Commissioner for Indonesia and Ian Wearing, Temperzone New Zealand’s General Manager. It was extremely well attended with over 120 customers, developers and consultants.

According to Temperzone Limited General Manager – Asia WengFei Ho , “customers had the opportunity to have a close look inside our product displays of actual equipment through the Perspex covering. Products on display included HWP, IMD, SAT 3 working controller, UC8 working display, ans a WSU working display. The customers were happy with the quality that they saw in the display units. They are also impressed by the capability of the Themoshell® having negligible fouling when compared to tube-in tube type of heat exchanger.”

The product presentations were done by Queensland Branch Manager, Shane McBride and covered products ideal for the Indonesian and Asian markets including water-cooled packaged, chilled water fan coil and roof top packaged units.

Shane said that, “towards the end of the presentation, I did a working demonstration of the features, and faulting diagnosis of a UC8 and also for the WSU. All the attendees where very interested in all presentations and the interaction and questions were encouraging. It was a very technical audience.”

The product seminar was followed by a dinner together which gave everyone the opportunity to move around and meet people.

Shane wrapped up by saying that, “Weng Fei and his staff really know their customers and have a wonderful relationship. I was very impressed by this and the fact that they organised and ran an excellent event.”