Internet & Wi-Fi Control
The Future is here!

Temperzone is in the process of launching a Wi-Fi control system for the Temperzone & Hitachi Ducted Split Range. This is following the recently launched “Pebble” Wi-Fi module that is compatible with Hitachi Hi Wall Splits.

Both systems offer Wi-Fi control within the home or from where you have an internet connection.

Launched recently “the Pebble” is an NZ developed 3rd party Wi-Fi and internet control hub that talks to the wall unit via the infra red receiver that is used by the remote. When hooked up to the house internet it provides control of the wall split system via an iPhone or Android ap. It very easy to install and can be retro fitted to already installed units.

The Premium Ducted Controller system which is about to be launched uses an Australian developed control system which has been tailored to suit both Temperzone and Hitachi ducted systems up to 32kW.

The control system offers a modular system incorporating touch screen master control, Wi-Fi and internet connectivity. The base system from Temperzone will have wireless temperature sensors for a 4 zone system, a single touch screen and an internet bridge. The modular design allows for up to 14 temperature controlled zones using the Wi-Fi zone sensors. Additional touch screens or optional motion detector zone sensors can be added, also making it ideal for light commercial applications.

The system has an app available for iPhone, Android and Windows phone. The app and touch screen have almost identical interfaces, with simple intuitive smartphone like functionality. Inside the systems Wi-Fi coverage you can control the entire system or a single zone from the app. Outside the building you have the same control via internet connection to the app. There are number of IFTTT applets available to allow you to build custom controls for the air conditioning system like connecting the system to automatically turn on when local temperature reaches a pre specified point.

The modular design is designed to be very easy to install with most of the system configuration done from outside the roof space. The modular design makes it easy to quote. You take a base kit and simply add just the additional components like temperature sensors and touchscreens that you need for larger projects.

We live in a touch screen smartphone world. Touch screen and “Apps” for smartphones is the natural progression for families who want simple intuitive control for their air conditioning system. The combination of touch screen, Wi-Fi and internet technology has added convenience and connectivity to superior control.

For more information on both the Pebble and Premium Ducted Control System, contact your nearest Temperzone Branch.