Touch Mini Controller

Touch Mini Controller

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Simplicity is a core value of Touch Mini. 

The innovation of "Touch" is evident in the product design and its user benefits. It is focused on the product experience, interface between user and thermostat, intelligent control, operation and a brand new visual experience to convey the feeling that "a comfortable life is so simple".

Touch Mini room controller


Available in:

Black only

Compatible with:

  • IMD 
  • IMDL
  • HWP units fitted with UC8 controller

Infrared approaching sensor

Touch thermostat can detect your finger's approach automatically once it is within 5cm of the leaf button. The backlight will light up and the thermostat goes to operation status. When your finger leaves it for 20 seconds, it will go to standby mode leaving only the indoor temperature.

Touch Mini awakens from your presence


Incorporating the latest infrared sensing technology, Touch Mini can automatically detect approach of your hand and activatee the thermostat on your arrival.

Turning on the self-learning function and the Touch thermostat will gradually “learn” your usage habits and automatically correct your programming schedule to pre-cool or pre-heat.

ECO Energy Saving


ECO Energy Saving Setting:
Touch the leaf to enter ECO mode under operation mode.

The setting temperature will be 26°C with low fan speed under cooling mode, and the setting temperature will be 18°C with low fan speed under heating

One touch simplicity.

Elegant face


Touch Mini pays more attention to people’s feelings.

It completely gets rid of the cold, unnecessary features of industrial products, and its true-to-life characteristics brings a more intuitive and interactive experience to the user.

The modern curved face of the wall controller brings an elegant look and feel to its surroundings.

Ultra slim


The ultra slim black shows dignity, elegance and mystery, all of which reveal its intuitive features. The contemporary sleek design compliments it's surroundings and provides ultra appeal.

Innovative functionality


  • 7-Day Timer Function
  • Capacitive touch screen
  • ECO Energy Saving Setting
  • Fan Speed Selection
  • Infrared approaching sensor
  • Intelligent Self-Learning Function
  • Communication interface: Modbus/RS-485
  • Temperature Setting Range: 5~35°C


Automatically chooses the right mode for perfect comfort


24/7 time clock function


Energy saving setting function


Allows the user to select multiple fan speeds

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