MAGNUS Pool Heat Pumps

MAGNUS Pool Heat Pumps

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MAGNUS Pool Heat Pumps.


Designed for residential and commercial pools and spa pools, these highly efficient multi-pass systems incorporate titanium heat-exchangers making them suitable for use with chlorinated and salt water pools. A highly corrosion resistant design ensures durable long life operation.




Capacity Range (heating):

  • MWP 230  25.0kW
  • MWP 250  26.3kW
  • MWP 400  39.9kW 
  • MWP 800  79.8kW 


  • R410A 


Highly Corrosion Resistant Design


Highly corrosion resistant Titanium ThermoShell® heat-exchanger for chlorinated and salt water. Highly corrosion resistant polyester powder coating treatment (IP 45). High Marine/Industrial pre treatment coating - salt spray resistance testing: 1000 hours with undercut <2mm. Highly corrosion resistant epoxy coated coils.

Operates Down to -10°C Ambient


Designed for the harshest conditions MAGNUS Pool heat pumps feature a duplex EEV system designed to operate in ambient temperatures down to -10°C to ensure efficient heating, whatever the weather. 

New intelligent de-ice enables improved heating performance in colder conditions. Optimised coil circuitry and new unit controller logic has resulted in faster and more effective de-ice.

MAGNUS Superior Efficiency


Heat pump water heaters are the most efficient way to heat a pool. MAGNUS pool heaters are 550% efficient under typical operating conditions*. Gas is typically only 70-80% efficient while electricity is only 100% efficient, the very low cost of operation means the system is the most cost effective option.

Energy Saving Technology


A unique electronic expansion valve control system ensures reliability and performance under a wide range of ambient temperatures. They also facilitate maximised energy savings during the shoulder seasons – periods in which systems often run at part-load. Pressure transducers allow for precision pressure monitoring and control.

Superior Durable Construction


MAGNUS units are high quality and durable with a focus on long life commercial grade systems. 
• Durable galvanised steel cabinet
• Durable polyester powder drain tray
• Leak-free access door construction
• Easy service and maintenance access using panels
• Advanced rifle bore copper tubes
• Highly durable closed cell foam insulation
• Non-fouling ThermoShell® heat-exchanger

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